Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dissin' Melbourne

With 1P parking throughout Saturday and Sunday - penalising visitor and locals alike for spending money in local shops and restaurants - policed with almost gestapo like zeal, what's going on? (and you can't even blame Iemma!)

A Sydneysider's view of Melbourne. I hope my blog readers from Sydney are more reasonable people.

I see no reason to not prosecute for parking offences. One hour parking rules will be in place for a reason. That is to turn the parking over so other people get the chance to park. Councils probably get parking rules wrong at times, but essentially the rules are there to please the greater good and manage conflicting parking desires.

Of course, there is always, shock horror, public transport.

Some of the parking fees charged by councils is another matter. Yes City of Port Phillip, I mean you.


  1. I neva diss Melbourne...o well, last time I was there, I didnt drive...that may be why ;-)

    Sydney is Parking-offenders' paradise. LOL!


  2. Sydney is by far a better place than Melbourne. At least their public transport network is more extensive.

  3. Any time you want to move to Melbourne Keshi, you can add me as a referee on your application.

    Don't agree Reuben. Both have their merits and problems. But I was very impressed by public transport in the eighties in Sydney compared to Melbourne then.

  4. awww tnxx mate! :)


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