Monday, February 11, 2008

Calm and peaceful weekends

Work weekend or not, life is way too busy. I need a holiday, well, no just a break from work. I just cannot fit everything in. What about some ME time?

Friday night the chef went on strike. We were forced to use our two for one voucher at Burger Edge, and very nice it was too. It did entail an outing in the motor though and half an hour's time. Missed the tv news. Work the next day.

Saturday night, dinner with friends at KL Cafe. We had a very good meal and I forced the brother friends into paying for the parking by hopelessly looking into my wallet and saying that I needed my dollar coin for coffee at work the next day. It is the little victories in life that please me. Work the next day.

Sunday night. Dyke friends cooked us a marvellous dinner and we discussed what to do about Dame M who is refusing to attend for xrays. Work the next day.

Next weekend will be no better, but at least I have some time off. Nephew's 21st oldies celebration on Sunday at downtown Langwarrin, but worse, step mother arriving from Echuca to stay with us on Saturday and we go together to the Sunday barbe 21st. She will stay for two nights and it should be good fun. She did stay with us once when we lived in Glen Iris, but she never saw our Burwood or Balaclava place and she has never been here. It was going to be hard work guiding her to where we live if she drove, but she said she will catch the train. We just have to pick her up from the station. So much easier.

Now, can all youse favourite bloggers of mine just not post for the next few days and free up some of my time.


  1. Will you make up your mind already? Do you want me to post or not post? :D

  2. What a whiner! You not only went out but got fed. Just for that I'm posting twice as much.
    Take no prisoners, give no mercy.
    Post away daisyjo.

  3. Go on then. Don't worry about my stress levels.

  4. Me time..I just had me time before venturing into work today. I went to the Vic market and actually bought myself some nice clothes. And some smoked salmon and some great dip to go in a nice sour dough roll for tea was devine. I also had an affogato..mmm, pleasure :)

  5. Busy wife, mother and employee Cazzie. You deserve some me time.