Friday, February 22, 2008

The Building

I have neglected writing about the high rise of late so here are a few unrelated matters.

Someone broke a bottle in the pool area and a significant amount of glass was noticed in the pool and spa water. It had to be closed until the cleaning company could vacuum the glass out. Someone was observed on security footage carrying glass bottles into the area, but they deny that they broke one. No one else could be seen with glass bottles. There are good reasons why glass and water recreation areas don't mix.

City of Port Phillip sent a person to evaluate our building for an energy saving plan or maybe even a grant. There was the usual of course, replace lights with energy efficient models. More timers, more light sensors. They repeated our already considered plan to retain some runoff water in a tank. The fire testing company prolifigate use of water to test the system is under consideration. One suggestion I am pleased about is solar pre heating of water on the roof. Our two hot water boilers can supply 10,000 litres of hot water an hour. Pre heating this water would result in a big saving of both gas and dollars. As it is, the water is not overheated and you can almost hold your hand under it. However, even if average hot water use per hour is only 30,000 litres, I am not sure that solar panels will help much. Someone needs to do some sums.

The local media seem to have heard about our recycling room and I expect we are going to get a splash in the local paper.

A quote had been received for recarpeting every landing for around $70,000. It is thought to be quite reasonable in the rip off large building scheme of things.

White strips of tape mark the step edges at the front of our building. Even so, people still fall down at times. The tape has to be replaced every so often. Something more tactile and classy is under consideration.

The plan for storage cages and more bicycle racks in the basement was abandoned because of cost and doubt about the financial return. A new plan has been hatched for more badly needed bicycle storage. While I am sure the good intentions are there, we need lots of bicycle storage for bicycles that are never ridden.

Finally, as of 1st January this year in the state of Victoria, Body Corporates, or should that be Bodies Corporate, no longer exist. We are now part of an Owner's Corporation. The whole parliamentary act has been updated and already there are some problems with the new legislation, but I expect they will be sorted out in time. Maintenance sinking funds are now compulsory, not before time, and our contribution to ours will increase substantially over the next few years. A balance of $230,000 is chicken feed for a building this size.

In case you think these sums are large, we personally never have to worry about new spouting, outside of house needs a coat of paint, a fence rotting and falling down, an overhanging tree, pipes being blocked by tree roots etc etc. So long as we can pay the maintenance bill.


  1. Make sure you let us know when your recycling room hits the paper..that is a good thing Andrew.

  2. Interesting. In some way you would expect expensive residential towers to set a green precedent for other, less expensive, buildings. It shames me to see new apartments being built without what should be compulsory Green measures like solar, water tanks and insulation.

  3. Will do Cazzie. I think it will be in the Port Phillip Gazette.

    Our building is ten years old now so not much in the way of effort put into energy efficiency, although it did win an award for it at the time it was built. There is no excuse for new residential towers to not be 'green'.