Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Booking a hotel

We were told by someone with good inside knowledge to try this. You can sometimes get it even cheaper and only pay a deposit rather than the full amount. It did not work.


Via hotel-rates.com we are able to book a room at Bayview Singapore for SGD$181 per night. The booking would be check in this date and check out this date for 2 people twin share. If possible, and the price is the same for the same standard of room, we would prefer to book directly with you.

We await to hear back from you.

Thank you.

Mr Highriser.

To: Mr Highriser, thank you for your enquiry, regret, the cost of our Superior Room is $235.40nett (Include breakfast and taxes) If the website could offer you that rate, you can book directly with them. Regards Steve Chua Email; steve@hotels.com


  1. **If the website could offer you that rate, you can book directly with them.



  2. Here's an article I found a while back. The prinicples sound good and I'm definitely going to try it when The Girl and I head off around Europe later this year.

    Hot To Travel in Style For Free

  3. Not exactly crystal clear is it Keshi. We are trying the same at another hotel.

    I would do it for hotel room or car Jiminy, but I would funny about doing it for and airplane. Remember, you have to look worthy of an upgrade too.

  4. Now that just doesn't make sense to me.

  5. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Bah. Wonder if they'd mind if you booked all your mini-bar refreshments through the website, too?

  6. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Bayview obviously get a good deal of business through "hotel-rates.com", and subsequently do not want to upset them by offering the same or better deal direct. I'm guessing "hotel-rates.com" would even have an agreement with Bayview that they would not offer the same discounted rates direct to the public. The Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas is the same and won't match website prices either - it's a practice that pisses me off enough not to stay there

  7. They may well lose business Daisy Jo. We are trying another place and I actually like it a bit more.

    No no, MD, not the mini bar. We almost drank one dry once. Expensive exercise.

    Thanks anon. I would guess that is the explanation. However, I understand it does happen in some places. I wonder what and where?

  8. It made me sick once to hear a person in the business say
    "only idiots pay rack-rate"

    Here's a tip for free:
    Any member of their university's alumni club, can stay at any other university club - they all reciprocate - so next time you are in NYC stay at The Yale Club or The Princeton Club or the Harvard Club, as they charge less than any hotel chain (the shortage of luxury is compensated by the cachet) What a wheeze.

  9. Well out of my league Dysthymiac.