Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging on Blogs

This is post that I probably should not write, but the matter is still troubling me after a week or so.

A couple of bloggers have removed me from their blog lists. That is fine. One was quite expected. Blogville is not the real world.

What troubles me is that one blogger removed me from her list after making a critical comment about a post I made. She is a very busy blogger and writes in a very amusing manner and I quite like her forthrightness. Her blog list is long and while she has commented on my blog many times, it became clear to me that either she had not really gotten a handle on me at all, or that she really hasn't read my blog properly, or probably both. Perhaps she quickly visits, skims over a post and makes a quick comment.

While I can see that the offending post could be offensive to an immature person who had never read my blog, I can't understand why this person would find it offensive if she had read my blog over time properly.

I confess it was a late night post and I usually save them for review the next day before publishing. This time I didn't, but I reread it the next day and I let it stand. It did actually say something, rather a lot really, and not necessarily the obvious, and it is on the record. A moment of history was captured and the comments just added to it.

Ah, I have just realised that the matter above is not what has been troubling me, it was whether to write about it. I have done so and I am now cleansed.

I can only urge anyone thinking of adding me to their blog roll , to read me for a while before adding me or do some backreading.


  1. I'll let you stay on my blog links.
    Pink is such a lovely accent colour.
    Your taste in men is crappy though.

  2. 'Pink is such a lovely accent colour.' Bitch.

    Amazing that you know what my taste is in men when I don't even know myself.

  3. Andrew, of course I know your taste in men....anything with a pulse.

  4. Blog list? What's one of them? I just go round to people's houses and threaten them with a big stick if they don't read my site.

  5. I'll never take you off my blog list; I'm your American wife, and that makes us bound by law.

  6. Goodness if we all deleted blogs from our lists after disagreeing with 1 opinion there'd be no blogrolls in existence!
    You're glued on mine,Master Andrew :P

  7. Cheap shot Jah Teh, quite worthy of you.

    In case you hadn't noticed Brian, the net extends beyond your village. There would be much travelling.

    Aw Daisy Jo. You are so sweet. Can you post me my green card now?

    Jayne, you on mine too. Apart from anything else, you are a great resource. Has anyone ever called you that before? PS Still working on the project.

  8. "In case you hadn't noticed Brian, the net extends beyond your village. There would be much travelling."

    Or you could use a very long stick.

  9. Pooh. Who cares? What a narky old bag. I'd laugh, honestly.

  10. I get surprisingly upset when people delete me from their blog lists - if I feel I haven't done anything to deserve such blatant snubbing.

    Never mind Andrew, I still read you - and I've learnt not to take offence :)

    Sorry for my absence. I was giving my doctors hell xo

  11. I am sure you would Robert.

    Can't imagine why anyone would delete you dear Rosanna. Their loss for sure.