Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Baragwanath

I admired Ches Baragwanath when he was Auditor General in the State of Victoria. He bravely stood up to Premier Kennett many times. While Ches spoke perfect Australian, it is an unusual name. I vaguely assumed a Sri Lankan heritage.

I still don't know the origins of the name, but while I was waiting for a tram in Clarendon St, South Melbourne earlier this week, I took a look at a pretty boring and ugly statue. It was of some sports person, who matters not here.

What grabbed me was that the statue was unveiled in 1913 by South Melbourne Mayor, Councillor J. Baragwanath. Hmmm, the Baragwanaths must have been in Oz a long time.

A bit of searching indicates it could well be a Cornish name. .

Ah well, it interested me for five minutes.


  1. "A bit of searching indicates it could well be a Cornish name."

    That wouldn't suprise me. It's probably the Cornish version of Brannagh...only they can't read, let alone spell, down that end of the country. It takes most of 'em several attempts to sign their own names on the dole slip.

  2. That name is in BMD records here during the 1850's, and I agree with you that he was a decent person.

  3. What ever BMD is, that is interesting. I clearly had the wrong end of the dildo when I thought Sri Lankan.