Friday, February 15, 2008

The Abos again

I don't really care what some people say about the stolen generation. I have heard too many heart wrenching stories from victims this week. I remain my cynical self as always of course. Maybe dirt poor, living on a river bank under a bit of bark, kind of like my stepmother grew up, except she was white, you could be taken away from your mother or the mother could lose you by policy of the government.

Ask any mother, in any country of the world about having her child taken from her, even if she is a drug fucked drunk, it could be life devastating for her and perhaps for the child.

No, I shan't wear any argument. Taking children from the mother just because they were half white and half black was wrong. Of course there are many variables and times when it was the smart thing to do, but the essence was wrong.

Sorry Day, whenever it was, was my day off from work. I listened to quite a lot on the wireless and tears welled up many times.

But you black c*** who tried to freak me out by getting into my face and frightening me from around the corner, well, I saw you do that again this week to someone. You have porked up a bit love since you did that to me. You are looked a bit older, but I remember you.

Yeah, very mixed emotions.


  1. Frustrating...
    It's that thing where one person is ruining things for the bigger group.
    In saying that, I'm not into segregating people into groups, but it's true.
    It could be a guy that's an asshole ruining a girl's impression of men in general, religious zealots tainting an entire faith or anything like that...
    The Girl has actually just posted something which relates to this...

  2. That's why you should always assess people as individuals and never as part of their larger sociological identity. To paraphrase the bard, a shit by any other name would smell as rank.

  3. Yeah Jiminy and Brian. I guess we have to rise above it.

  4. Abo's? Black cunts? I'm not only offended but astounded too.
    Are you one of these people that say "I'm not a racist, but........."


  5. Dramatic effect Steph. They are words I heard often as a kid and you could even find the words abo in books back then. They are not nice words and I never normally use them.

  6. The children were not taken away for THEIR own good - the race mix thing was just an excuse - the Missionaries wanted to convert them into christians, the adoptive parents wanted household slaves.

    Jane Fonda got in troubl;e for the C word this week.
    fer fks sake.

    I don't think it should ever be used pejoratively as cvnts give so much pleasure

  7. They may give some pleasure to some Ann, but I'll take a raincheck. :-P

  8. bwah ha ha.

    I loved Stephen Fry's line in the wonderful film 'Peter's Friends' where Emma Thompson is attacking him in bed and he says
    "I am just not in the vagina business"

    Now that's a lovely film,
    the 4Weddings&AFuneral of the 70's, I'm going off to to re-aquaint myself with the details

    mwah mwah

    look for it at Bustblocker

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  10. Deleted comment, my long term older readers understand what I am saying and how much is couched in the post. You younger people need to read more and pick up nuances. While I am disappointed in one person who I thought would have read my blog for long enough to understand me a bit better, you can't possibly judge on me a couple of words in a post.