Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wildlife in the city

Barely had I read Lid's post with a lovely and rather artistic photo of cockatoos in the bush, when there was some squawking outside, heralding the arrival of our local troup. I watched them carefully in case they decided to massacre my geranium again.


  1. Noice one!
    Our bunch sit and hiss in trees freaking out the urbanite Tribe lol.

  2. That's great Jayne. They are fun to watch when they are being playful.

  3. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Gee Andrew,

    What a lovely thing to say about my photo. I am very honoured you think so. :)

    What naughty birds. I suppose a geranium might be a tempting treat for them but it is a bit rough with all the other gardens around the CBD that they have to choose from.