Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where is Corey?

No names, no pack drill. No idea what that means. Corey, aka Party Boy, was not on the tv news tonight. However, a youth, who because of his age, his name cannot be mentioned, was arrested today for child pornography. If it goes to court, of course it will be dismissed. I am starting to feel sorry for him. He is too clever for his own good.


  1. You missed the news Corey ran out of a radio interview when asked to remove his sunnies LOL.
    The poor dear either confused TV and radio technology or,The Tribe suspects,Corey got his upper and/or lower eyelids tattooed while the olds were away.

  2. Followed that up. Amusing tale. Not heard about the eyelids though.

    Have a read of what these guys got up to. Gotta love the stupid media.

  3. Anonymous7:36 am

  4. Very good, thanks.