Thursday, January 17, 2008

Venturing to East Brunswick

I had reason to go to East Brunswick yesterday. Taking pics from a moving tram is not a great idea but I love this sculpture at Melbourne Uni's Ian Potter Museum. One is a bit rude. I tried to get a snap of of the old inner circle railway line where it crosses Lygon Street, but I was a fraction too late. A friend used to ride with the guard on the old train when he was a kid. The guard had his own little solid fuel heater in the van and it used to be nice and cozy and he would make tea for my friend. Not much of the line remains now.
This one was too good too miss, so I had to get off the tram and take some photos. Alas just next door is a place with golden arches and I was hungry. The burger was so disgusting, I could not finish it, but the icy coke was refreshing and the chips not bad. I suppose this was once a milk bar with a residence attached. How it stays empty and unused, I don't know.
This would have been the entrance to the residence I suppose.
It would be a big job to bring this building back to scratch, but I would start by polishing the tessellated tiles.


  1. Oh Baby, those are sooo my kinda pictures! Urban decay at its finest. I would start with the tiles too, even thought they'd get dirtied up again with the rest of the work.

  2. Urban decay. Love it Daisy Jo. The tiles may well be the building's best feature.

  3. Love those pics !

    Start with the tiles, remove that great iron post(is that a train rail??) reinstate the original verandah,pop a couple of 2 seater tables and chairs under it(with gingham tablecloths of course)and make sure you've won Tatts before you start LOL.

  4. Could be train rail Jayne. Let us just say it was part of the old inner circle railway. Clearly it is holding the corner up. Wonder what was there before? Although there are plenty of cafs further toward the city in Lygon Street, there is not a lot in the immediate vicinity, so it could work.