Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update on domestic and mundane

Car: $790 later, half was for its almost annual service. I am crying. Sam at the garage saw us walking in Port Melbourne in the weekend and tried to attract our attention from his bicycle, but we did not see him. That he is such a nice guy does ease the pain a little. A few minutes later a jumper from the West Gate Bridge landed near him as he was about to cross the river on the bicycle punt.

Air con: Called service department on toll free number Tuesday morning. Yes, they have a replacement remote control. $60. Fine I said. She then rattled off plus GST, plus freight equals $80. Me: Can I come and pick it up? Her: Of course you can. Me: Where are you? Her: Moorebank. Me: Sorry, I thought you were in Clayton. I don't know where Moorebank is? Her: Are you in Melbourne? Me: Yes. Her: I am in Sydney. Air freight it is then. This was about 9.30 Tuesday. Unit just arrived here 11.00am Wednesday. Can't complain about that.

Computer: Highriser new rechargeable battery policy. Change batteries once a week whether flat or not. I will do it every Sunday when I wind the clock.


  1. Ouch!
    Good idea ;)

  2. Oh! That's lousy. (I'm not sure my whole car is worth $790.)

  3. Nicely succinct Jayne.

    Same with mine Daisy Jo. What a waste of money, said R. Well if he'd buy a new car and give me his old one, it wouldn't be a problem.

  4. ... and there are people (not you I hasten to add) who look askance when I say I'm a pedestrian and PT user. (Mind you, Lyn 'k'n' Kosky is making it hard ... NO, Shirl, that's NOT what I meant and you know it! Go wash your thoughts out with carbolic this very instant!)

  5. 'Tis to your credit M'lord. I think highly of you for it.

    C'mon, fess up. You wouldn't mind giving her a thrust for each time pt does not work well for you.

  6. Wrong Shirl, as opposed most pollies I do have standards. This lad's not for indiscriminate shunting and coupling no matter how enticing Lyn's signalling equipment might be.

  7. Your poor friend Sam..this is just one of many jumpers that we would otherwise never read about. Such a sad reality. Sam must be shocked.
    Great for the postage service..bravo!
    Changing batteries, gah! In this house it has tobe done often with so many things!

  8. You made me laugh M'lord.

    It happens so often Cazzie, and we don't hear of it because that is the policy. As Sam said, usually people on the way home from the Casino.

    One's mind can only boggle at a young family and batteries.

  9. Geebus. People jump off that bridge just about every day. I know an emergency worker who lives in Altona and is always called to scenes like that.

    And your car woes remind me that I need to get a new key cut. Okidokie.