Monday, January 07, 2008

Tight Security

Security can be quite tight at Station Pier when a cruise liner comes in and docks.

When the owner of this car returns to finds a ticket and it barricaded in, I expect he or she will use an almost three word expression with each word starting with the letters of his or her numberplate.

Highriser approves of his parking. Another $100 plus in the coffers of City of Port Phillip. Keep it up you all and my council rates will drop.


  1. Oh wow, an Audi at that, oh well, either they are already loaded with money or they owe the bank a whole lotta dough! Great pic, a "Doh!" moment!

  2. Yep, no sympathy to owners of Euro cars Cazzie.

    Whoops indeed Jayne. Would have be nice to hang around and see the reaction when the owner returned.