Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stylish Little Jo

My sister has been known to wear a dress. I have a vague memory of this. I heard the bone doctor even wore a skirt once for a job interview. Their home furnishings are functional and sensible.

I worry about little Jo not having a grounding in style and fashion and as a gay male, I feel I must assist her in this area. Don't all gay men have style and a good sense of fashion? While I have no style now, because I can't be bothered, there was a time when I made an effort.

Clothing and make up wise, I do have a sense for what looks good and what doesn't for women.

Thanks to some of my female blog mates, I do have some names to repetitively whisper into little Jo's ear, such as Prada, Alannah Hill, Beverly Feldman etc. I will have to do this surreptitiously as sister will be horrified at such shallowness as labels.

Poor lass will have no-one to go to for fashion advice. No good asking Nanna Fud. She will just say blue eye shadow and coral pink lippy. Really I am no good either. I can see when it is wrong, but cannot say this will look good. Guess I better steer little Jo to her teen cousins. They know about such stuffs.


  1. Do NOT let Nanna Fud anywhere near the child!

    I expect there will still be fashion mags for teens when she's old enough. Uncle Andrew will slip her that contraband, right?

  2. Haha. Yes, good idea Daisy Jo. Give her a mag subscription for her 16th.

  3. Tread warily, Andrew. Every attempt of mine to make fashion and style suggestions ends in disaster for me.

    "You look good in black." "Why?" "I don't know, it absorbs light and smooths out your lines." "What's wrong with my shape that I need my LINES SMOOTHED OUT?!"

    I was not spoken to. For. Four. Days.

  4. Honestly Lad, at your age you should have worked out what to say and what not to say. "You look good in black'. "Why?" "It flatters all your best features".

  5. Whisper "Pumpkin Patch" and Myer's "Lady bird" brand clothing to her aswell...they have the most gorgeous outfits for the Little Miss...and quite affordable also.

  6. Bring back Mary Quant I say.

    Well, as an almost lapsed Collingwood supporter I would say that wouldn't I? (With no so much as a hint of a prompt from Mandy Rice-Davies.)

  7. The Feral Female is slowly emerging from her Goth period, so just dress her in black,black and black now to get it over with, before her 16th ;)

  8. Looking at how teens dress now, Andrew, and I'm not confident for when Jo is 14. That seems a long way off but they grow fast.

  9. Good tip Cazzie.

    Ok M'lord, beat me this time. I know who Mary Quant and Mandy are.

    A Goth little Jo. I like it Jayne.

    Well, if she is going to dress like a tart at that age Jah Teh, best I make sure she is a classy one.