Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stupid in the Highrise

As you may recall, we are going to old Blighty in June. I think it costs money to go there and stay. The fine details in that area are yet to be worked out. My bank balance is bit less than zero. But that is normal and it has never stopped me doing anything before.

We have booked holidays in the past on the net and all went well. But this trip, perhaps because of us wanting to do so many things, it became a bit overwhelming, so we treaded off to our local travel agent, Tearaway Travel in Prahran. Alas, Jonathon has deserted us and left us to our own devices.

I will add that there were some relationship difficulties at the time, so in a moment of all too much, we went to our local Flight Centre shop. We had many avenues up our sleeve. An agent in Burwood who could get us to an fro from London for $3000 business class. Oh so tempting.

Flight Centre lass was quite agreeable but came back with a very high price for air travel compared to what we could find on the net. We pointed this out, and her price dropped to near what we get but still dearer.

After a second visit today, and two phone calls R has dealt with, we have realised we can do it all online. Because of all the work the lass has done, I think we will go with her airfare, only $100 more than we could do online, but the rest, like Singapore and London accommodation, she is not even close.

For god's sake, we have booked holidays online before, both local and overseas. Why did this seem so hard?

We will wear the slightly more expensive airfare, but the rest we will do ourselves and pay upfront and hope they invest our money in between wisely.

We needed to sit down and work it all out, but tensions were high. Say la vee.


  1. 3000 business class is brilliant!
    It cost me 2000AUD to get from Melbourne, to Boston and then on to London. Then i have to pay for my flight home too, whioch is not going to cost less than 1200AUD.
    Whichever option you choose, make sure as soon as you choose it, you stop looking at or considering other options as you'll only get disappointed if you find a flight that's cheaper two months down the track.
    As soon as I wasted $2000 on my ticket, I wrote off that money and make a conscious effort not to look back and despair over it.

    Hope it all goes smoothly from herein anyways Andrew. At least you'll get here for summer!

  2. Summer, such as it is in the UK Jiminy, costs more at that time. Sound advice about not looking back. I won't. In spite of your g/f's advice, I think I may just go and make some comments on your blog. I am not well versed in interacting with youngish straight guys. Your gym post was brill. (promise Non Blondie, I an not trying to pick up your b/f)

  3. Ha, thanks Andrew! Feel free to comment, Non Blondie won't mind!