Thursday, January 31, 2008

Society Five and Anglers Club

The top picture is where Society Five used to meet. In (70's?) Sydney an organisation was formed to lobby for gay rights called C.A.M.P. Other chapters were spread around the country but calling it CAMP in Melbourne was thought to be too provocative. So they used the name Society Five. Five laws being targeted for removal from the statute books. This is where they used to meet at 21 Queensberry St, Carlton. There was a fire and the premises badly damaged, so they then moved into the city. One day there will be a plaque in front of the building.

Now known as Dream nightclub, this building was originally the Anglers Club, yes a group meeting place for fisher folk. It was not the first time an angling club let out their premises to a gay organisation, nor the last. It has been at various times, Hellfire Club, venue for the Barramundi Ball, Breakfast Club and Psychic Harmony. Many one off gay nights were held here too. It is located at 229 Queensberry Street.


  1. M'Lord and Missus M'Lord had our wedding reception at an Anglers Club.

    Oddly enough, top of the menu wasn't anything aquatic, rather platters of 'Watership Down' cast members, courtesy of Missus M'Lord's dad and his trusty .22.

    (Don't think gays had been invented back then in the Western District, let alone hiring out the hallowed piscatorial hall to them thar preverts what lived in the 'big smoke'.)

  2. Nicely linked to one of Jayne's posts today about rabbits. No gays in the Western District back then for sure, just a bit of drunken boy on boy action at the outdoor lav behind the pub.

  3. Yep, that'd be the traditional celebration after y'won the footy premiership. (They'd all respect each other in the morning on account of they were pissed out of their brains and had no idea of who did who.)

  4. You know, Andrew, I drive down that street alot and often look at the houses as I go by and wonder who lived there before, what things might have gone on in each place..etc etc. Now, I know a little more thanks to you. So interesting..I wonder when the plaque might be set there.

  5. And forgotten which pooftah was behind it all and managed to manipulate.

    The gay archives have a long term plan to put plaques at various places Cazzie, but with 60 members at $20 a year, funds are pretty limited. I think it will be a fund raising project for the future. (It was an $11,000,000 public liability coverage for the walk)