Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Sandwich

The sandwich is precious to us Aussies and most of the Western world. A filling in between bread, and I will include a bread roll here too, is a marvellous snack or lunch. It is best you make it at home, but that is not always possible and really, if you are anything like me, my home made sandwich does not compare well to a bought one in presentation, although I know my content of said sandwich is ok.

R and I went not too far today, to a local caf, Bowen Deli, no relation I believe to THE Bowen, in the TAB headquarters building in Bowen Lane. It is Asian owned and we had a roast pork sandwich with crackling and a nice sauce and coffee for $7.20 each.

R, who knows about such matters, said it would cost over $10 in a major shopping centre. He cited a case of a very petite lass he knows who likes to have a salad roll in a major shopping centre and it is absolutely huge and that is just how it is. No options for anything smaller. She can only eat half of it and always leaves the rest on her plate. It costs her about $9.50.

This seems to be the way the world is going. It is getting harder and harder to get a simple sandwich in cafes. Of course I know why. They make it bigger and more elaborate and charge a lot more, except it does not cost them much more to make it like that. They have to make money to survive.

I am not really advocating a return to the picnic style sandwich with the grandparents where a tin of ham was opened with a most wonderful key (there was often blood involved with the use of the key) and a slab of 'processed' ham put between two slices of buttered bread with some hot English mustard spread on each slice.

Somewhere in between would be nice. Place you basic bought sandwich location tips in comments, siv you plate. So far as I can see, none are available within the central area of Melbourne city.


  1. Gumtree Coffee Lounge in Oakleigh Centro makes an almost decent sanga (altho the way Centro is going it mightn't be there much longer) !

  2. I always look fondly at the foccacia but never buy as I know as soon as I try to eat it, I'll have it all down the front of me.

    I remember those ham tins, sardine tins also had them and spam tins. Those keys were diabolical.

    The best sandwich, warm fresh bread, full cream country butter and whatever you can find to stuff in between the inch thick slices.

  3. I love mah sandwiches! :)

    hey Andrew come ova to my blog and tell me ur thoughts on my current topic...


  4. Off Hardware lane - I can't remember the name, but they make the most wonderful sandwiches for almost nothing. I'll get the shop name for you.

    Healthy Habits, Southbank - tis brillig.

  5. Basic bought sandwiches are available at all good Indoor Playcentres ...for kids, of course. Simple, vegemite, Peanut Butter or..the favourite, Fairy Bread costs about $2.00 or so...couples with a Babychino...whallah...you got a great cheap meal, LOL.

  6. I've been eating at Subway a lot lately, it's always nice and fresh and smells so good, and it's cheap.

  7. VLine country trains charge $6.95 for the most god awful pissy sangers you have ever seen.
    True cardboard bread.
    They make it from recycled egg cartons. $6.95

    Are those Oscars sandwich shops still in St.Kilda Road.
    They were excellent when i worked there 1995/6.

  8. Don't know any thing about Oscars Ann. Tell me more.