Monday, January 21, 2008

Sand and surf

I find it a bit odd when I hear of people drowning in Port Phillip Bay. It is usually quite calm, but not always. The other day we took a beach stroll, had coffee and marvelled at the surf beach like conditions.

Kerferd Road Beach is our local, a bit more than a kilometre away and it is a very pleasant family beach. It also has a pier where the odd fisher will try their luck. The pier was damaged a year or so ago in a storm, but it has been repaired. We took a stroll on the pier and the metal grating in the picture is a lower level landing. As a wave came in under it, it worked like a fountain as the grating caught the top of the wave. To see the wave travel the length of the grate was a great effect. At one point the water shot up towards yours truly and I jumped sideways out of the way, only to be hit by water shooting up between planks on the pier. It cooled my ardour and other things, I can tell you.

The (bronze?) sculpture sitting on the wall is pretty cool and very realistic. It looks better in real life than in my picture. The brick to weigh the 'clothing' down is a nice touch.

On the corner of Kerferd Road is what was the Victoria Hotel. Ain't it just grand! A state Premier or federal Prime Minister (Jayne or anyone?) used to live in the house next door in Kerferd Road and the house was recently saved from rapacious developers.

The last picture, left to right, an old convent, private apartments, public housing (government supplied) and the white building is, I think, the Danish Club.


  1. Fantastic photos !
    The waves through the grating would be fun LOL. Love the bronze sculpture,it's just right.

    Yep,twas Allan McLean who lived there.He was Vic Premier from 1899-1900.

    The convent was home to the Carmelite Nuns.

    The Danish Club was originally named Hughenden, a private mansion built by Buxton real estate founder John Buxton in the 1880's.

  2. OH, you're good Jayne. I thought it might have been someone a bit more famous who lived there.

    Yep, knew it was the Carmellites, just testing. :P

    Interesting re the Danish Club. We used Buxton to buy and sell our Balaclava house. And my mother's boyfriend when she was a teen lived in Hughenden Road, East St Kilda. Wonder if there is a connection?

  3. I've never noticed the sculpture, although i ride along to bike-path quite often. I'll slow down and have a look next time.
    Another interesting feature in this area is the restaurant at the beach end of Kerferd Rd in what used to be a toiletblock/changing rooms!

  4. I've a fantastic book about Buxton and Hughenden, "Solid Bluestone Foundations" by Kathleen Fitzpatrick the granddaughter.
    I'll check if the street was named after the house ;)

  5. Bit towards St Kilda from the pier Altissima. I too have been known to ride along there, so long as it is not windy. There will always be a head wind in one direction or the other.

    Thanks Jayne.

  6. Gah! Now I really miss home.
    We get swells like that here in London in the puddles I have to walk through to get to work.
    I may be exaggerating slightly.
    Nice photos too!

  7. And Altissima, I do recall when it was a toilet block. It has infamy for another reason when a perhaps murderer 'confessed' to an undercover cop.

    Jiminy, I think most Melburnians would not forget out bay coast. We all have done it at some point.

  8. Just checked with Dad and he said Walter Lindrum lived in Kerferd Rd and James Service (much bigger political noise than McLean)lived in Dorcas St , if that helps to ring any bells Andrew lol...

  9. You need to invite me for a visit. It's beautiful!

  10. Nope, neither of those Jayne.

    Sure Daisy Jo. Next time you are passing, do drop in.

  11. Couldn't think of the name of the restaurant at the end of Kerferd Rd until I rode past last weekend. It's Belucci's at Kerferds.
    As I wrote above, I had heard in had been a toilet block. Checking on the internet, I found that more correctly it was a kiosk, with changing and toilet facilities for bathers.
    And I unearthed another interesting fact - Andrew, did you know that until the 1930s, it was a terminus for the cable cars that ran to Albert Park Beach?

  12. Funny you mention that because I am doing some research in that area. The map I have doesn't show a cable car route in Kerford Road. But the map I have is dated 1909. There was one down Clarendon Street, right into Park Street and then followed the present number 1 route to the Victoria Ave terminus. Another went down Sandridge Road, now City Road, Bay Street and turned right into Beach Street, the terminus being about where the roundabout is from what I can see.

    A quick google indicates some credence to a Kerferd Road cable car. Clearly further research required. Thanks for the info.

  13. I recent bought the DVD "Commuting by Cable" for my Dad's birthday - I'm hoping to borrow it back from him soon - I'll do some more research. You can watch a few clips from this documentary from the menu at the right here:

    There is a map at the end of the clip entitled "Mind the Curve", which shows what could be a route along Kerferd Rd. (Or is it the Victoria ave route you describe above?)

  14. Those clips are fantastic Altissima. Thanks heaps. But yes, it looks pretty much the same as on my map, so it would be the Victoria Ave route.