Monday, January 28, 2008

A quietish Monday

If it was so quiet, why do I feel so tired.

Last night we went to a place we had not eaten at before, Almazett in Caulfield. It seves Lebanese cuisine and it was pretty good. Decor lacked something perhaps, but food was plentiful and excellent in the banquet. We all had entertainment cards, one way or t'other, so that knocked $54 off the bill, which made it a bit of a bargain.

We took a stroll in Caulfield Park afterwards and our Indian friend sized up the geese to see which might make a good curry. He approached them a bit and they all turned and starting honking and walking towards him. He did not run, but moved briskly away.

Today was coffee and walk on the Port Melbourne Beach to Beacon Cove and back. I could sense an acrid smell in the air as we passed by HMAS? Ah, must have been left over from this bad ass not so young lad.

Then home and out for lunch with family to Village Green hotel. Nice to see family as always, but. At least no one had too far to travel.

Meanwhile, sister, the bone doctor and little Jo are camping at Porepunkah. Where will you wash her bum, in the Ovens River? I asked. Evidently it is not in the bush, but somewhere where there are facilities. Actually, it is a very nice area. R and I stayed there twice in a caravan owned by a friend many years ago.


  1. WOW Andrew guess where I was today???.... The best Fish an Chip shop In Melbourne....Beacon Cove Fish An Chips :) :) :) :)

  2. Q. "A quietish Monday. If it was so quiet, why do I feel so tired?"



  3. Well, well Robyn. We walked right past there, but it was earlyish, a bit after ten.

    Smart arse M'lord.

  4. Nice area for camping/staying, even better in Autumn for the colours of the trees.
    Friends used to eat at that restaurant quite often.

  5. Yep Jayne. My grandparents took a couple of holidays at Bright in the Autumn.
    Re friends, it seemed very family oriented, not that we weren't made welcome, but it had a local feel to it.