Saturday, January 26, 2008

Old blog, new thoughts

What is mail merge? I don't really know but I suppose if I think about it I do. The following is blog post merge of three recently written but unpublished posts.

I have just spent twenty minutes reading my blog posts from 2004. Masturbation comes in many forms. I was generally pleased with what I had written. As I mentioned in a post recently, there were so few comments, I am not sure why I continued. But I did and I am pleased that I have good interaction with many peoples, peoples who I think might be quite nice in real life.

Sadly, I can't say I have ever connected well with any gay bloggers, that is regular interaction via the blog. It would not surprise me to learn that it was my fault, but if it is, I am really not sure why. If any gay blogger is reading this and can instantly think of a reason, do tell, except, calling me a full of it old queen is not a good reason, although maybe true.

So Chris, who made comments on my blog back in 2004, are you still around and reading?

I consider it an honour to be listed on someone's blog roll, that is to have my blog in a list on their blog. Of course I straight away feel a responsibility to list them on mine, but I don't do it automatically. If you have me listed on your blog roll and I have not reciprocated, perhaps I have just missed it as I cannot think of anyone who has listed me and I haven't responded in kind.

I tried to keep my blog list short and salient, alas I have come across so many interesting and nice people, my list is longer than I would ideally like. But if you are on there, it is because I care (d0es that sound gooey and sincere?).

Something that trips me out a bit is when people have very short blog rolls, not many blogs on their list, and mine is one of them. Oh, what a responsibility. I am sure one of my posts or comments is going to pee them off and they will delete me. It hasn't happened yet, I don't think, but if it does, I will wear it without protest, as they will have acted for a good reason, as they did when they added me.

I will suggest to anyone considering adding me to their blog list, that they read my blog for about three weeks before doing so. While you might like Melbourne history, my next post might be vaginal hygiene and the one after a political matter, and then a Sydney tram post. All over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.

To all on my blog roll, even though I may not comment often, I read your posts with devotion and in a moment of wine induced weakness, sorry Robert, come back, but you are hard work too you know.


  1. Watch that 'mad woman's breakfast' comment or I'll delete you from my blog list which is finally up, minus a few because I had to check the URLs. I'd never even heard of a blog in 2004 but I learn fast.

  2. Please, you never ever had a blog list that I have seen, since the day M'lord pointed out this hot young red head who keeps a blog. Just one of your admirable qualities. M'lord is a master spinner.

  3. I'm getting you Communion.

    Think what hard work that'll be.

  4. I don't know why I feel compelled to keep my blogroll short, but I do.

    I like to keep people who post regularly on it, the Freshman's being the one exception.

  5. Is there wine involved RH?

    You are a class act Daisy Jo, no doubt about that. Marry me.

  6. Shall I move there, or are you coming here?

  7. Fancy half way point? Hawaii?

  8. I had no comments for the first months of my blogs life too but gradually a little community started to build which made the whole experience way more interesting. Thanks for the visit ;)

  9. Anonymous11:48 am

    Your blog is fantastic. Keep on being consistently random and I'll keep on commenting.

  10. Anonymous1:36 pm


    As per your blog. I appreciate all the hard work you put in. It's great to have so much to catch up on. What a long time I've been off wandering. Time to be a good blogger and write something myself. Geez.

  11. Hi and welcome Loz. I have subscribed to your blog.

    Thanks Reuben.

    Welcome home LiD. Missed ya.

  12. This madwoman's breakfast is always inhaled completely and neatly as I never waste food.
    I started my first blog in Feb 05 and I discovered you via comments at The Governor General's.
    I don't care about my posts at all - just slap em up and go quickly back to reading other's clever blogs.
    Happy Trails HighRizer

  13. Always enjoy your posts Andrew :)

  14. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Thanks Andrew!

  15. ... you're obviously rampantly infectious. You're now religiously read by my heathen daughter, a Maupin afficionado. (Make of that what you choose ... as you always do.)

  16. Must have been Missus M'lord's doing to produce such a clever daughter.