Monday, January 07, 2008

Nekid Woman

I have mentioned these neighbours before, but just to reiterate, he is a closet gay and she was described by our ex building manager's wife as walking like she had a broomstick stuck up her ???

She is a handsome woman of a slim build and probably around sixty years old. Ex ballet dancer, I think. She takes to her bed early in the evening. I know because we have a direct view into their apartment. Oddly, her bed head is placed under a window. She reads and watches tv in bed but the lights go out early, while her husband probably chats to like minded married gays on the internet.

It was killer hot last night and it is clear that they do not have air conditioning. I was on the balcony, checking that it was still hot, and looked down and there she was, lying naked on her bed. I could not help but see her. Her breasts were just sitting there and it quickly became clear to me that she does not believe in a Brazilian wax.

I came in and told R. He did not rush out to have a look.


  1. LOL was she good-looking?


  2. Killer hot, you are not wrong, so many people came into the hospital dehydrated!
    LOL at R not racing out for a quick look.... then again, neither would I.

  3. Gee, I wonder why R didn't rush out...probably has the same nail in his foot that I would have if you'd told me lol.

  4. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Some people don't even have to live in apartments. Ordinary low-rise house backyards provide ample positioning for such vitamin D procuring activities.

  5. Perhaps handsome I would say Keshi.

    Just need to drink more water then Cazzie?

    Yep Jayne, not worth the effort of getting out of his chair.

    You been alooking Sueglossy?

  6. Eew, thank you Cameraface. Every neighbour in my street suddenly flashed before my eyes and I nearly brought up lunch. I bet R would have been there had it been a certain tall luscious looking model.
    Damn, still trying to get visions of neighbours out of my mind. You'll pay for this.

  7. Reuben van Bemmel5:39 pm

    Yes I have been looking, but I am a teenager, so I have a legitimate excuse.

  8. R would have been out there if it was a guy model Jahteh. He really is a passionate homosexual.

    Borderline teenager you are Reuben, but play it as long as you can. And yes, of course as a healthy young male, you would.

  9. I probably would have went out for a look lol. Yeah yeah, I know... imma pervert.

  10. Just can't get over the brazenness of it Jo. She must have been aware people could see her.

  11. same thing happened to me once except our neighbor was pregnant and nekid! and then she looked up and saw me looking! aaaaaaaagh!!!! of course, we never talked about it, but I think it changed our relationship. but why is it that I am the one that felt bad about it? I don't even like to look at pretty, unpregnant nekid women much less that!!!!! felt like such a perv!

  12. Correct Bryan and it is not fair that the casual observer of something different or unusual should feel guilty.