Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Dog cafe

What a charming little place is My Dog cafe at Beacon Cove. As I said later to a dyke friend, it seems very popular with sensibly dressed ladies of a certain persuasion.

As we are dogless at the moment, and we were already caffeine sated, we did not enter, but may very well in the future.


  1. It looks sweet, but as my fur babies are not social animals we shall just admire it from your pics.
    Woof !

  2. Did this place have anything to do with that ad? You know, the horrible one where the wanky waiter comes out and explains the menu to the dog? I'm a dog guy, but this one made me want to buy a blender.

  3. Are you going to get a dog?

  4. I must go there with my Bondi :-P

  5. They are dogs though Jayne?

    Don't think so Rob, lol.

    When one of us is not working full time Daisy Jo. We have already seen out two.

    Yeah Cazzie. How is he/she going?