Monday, January 21, 2008

Moron published

The ever reputable Hun, aka Herald Sun publishes moronic articles at times, that is when it is not content with confusing Greenpeace with Sea Shepherd, two very different organisations with different approaches.

Shock, horror, a train travelled with the doors open. You can read the full article here, but here is a clip.

PASSENGERS suffered through a harrowing 80km/h rail ride as a train with a door completely open roared along the Sandringham line.

Video footage taken by a passanger yesterday morning showed the open door as the train travelled from Windsor to Balaclava. He really ought to have been hanging tightly on to something instead of filming.

"It was wide open for nearly 90 seconds and there was no way I was going to try and close it and risk my life," the passenger who took the video, Mr Karun Sachdeva, said. Very wise not to go near the open door and perhaps get sucked out.

"It must have been going about 80 to 90 km/h and there were four other passengers on the carriage who were just as concerned as I was," he said. I may be wrong, but it my experience the Sandringham train never gets to anywhere near 90 km/h between Windsor and Balaclava. I would guess at 70 km/h, but correct me if you will. Anyway, if you fall out at 40 or 90, you will probably get a nasty bruise or two.

"It was a very frightening experience for all of us."

He must be younger than myself. The frightened man ought to been around when tram and train doors were only closed when it was cold. Miraculously there were very few people falling out. By his name, I would hazard a guess that he comes from a country where people regularly travel on the roof of a train. Good that he has embraced the Australian safety standards.

While it is not preferable to have a train door open while it is moving, the story was clearly for use on a slow news day.


  1. LMFAO Yep, I was going to mention the old Blue Trains and Red Rattler trains...travelling over the Sandridge Bridge on a hot day meant the windows AND doors were always wide open for fresh air.
    Didn't notice any bodies dropping out for a dip in the Yarra below tho...

  2. Moronity has no age limits. I'm only 26 and I remember travelling on the Blue Harris trains with the doors open, I have to admit that I was only about four at the time, so I was a bit scared.

    Look at all the decapitations and amputations of kids hanging out the sides of the carriages at Puffing Billy...

  3. Don't read the Hun, Shirl, you'll go blind ... and probably get a sudden urge to invade Poland.

    There are other things to look at that can also make you go blind which are more enjoyable. (Well that's what the ole Coppertop tells me, but I haven't yet opened the container load of plain paper covered magazines she sent me last week.)

    As Slamming Sam Keko says, "You know it makes sensual."

  4. I miss the Port Melbourne and St Kilda trains Jayne. Gee they carried some scary characters though.

    To be honest Ben, I would be a bit nervous in a train with open doors now, but that is age as much as anything. Never thought about it when I was young. Good point about Puffing Billy, but we won't give authorities ideas.

    I try not too Monsieur Sedgwick, but sometimes I find a copy and can't help myself. Life is like that. Don't think I would want Jahteh's old mags. Never know what has been spilt on them.

  5. "By his name, I would hazard a guess that he comes from a country where people regularly travel on the roof of a train..."
    That cracked me up Andrew.
    I agree, The Herald Sun is a truly terrible monster that feeds on stupidity and ignorance.

  6. Glad to amuse Jiminy. I actually felt like writing, Fucking idiot curry muncher, go back to where you came from and see if anyone worries about an open door.

    But of course that is quite unacceptable and you won't read offensive stuff like that on my blog.

  7. Everyone should know by now that if you need an anti-public transport newspaper, this one's the rag to stop at. Bastards they are.