Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MGS Library

Melbourne Grammar School has built a new library it would seem. Next week when I arise for work at 4.30 in the morning to go to work at my crap job, do you think I will be a little bit bitter that a tiny portion of one cent of the tax I pay has gone towards building this library for the rich and privileged?

The positive is that at least they spent the money well. It is a very nice building. At some point in the evening the light falls on one angle of the brickwork and not the other. Stunning. You can use your imagination how that works in the third and fourth picture. See the outdoor concrete bench seats behind the car in the first pic? They are underlit. The building is just as nice from the other side, from what you can see from Domain Road.

Wish when I was young that I was a privileged kiddie.

PS The brickwork is beautiful. How come it is not used more often in buildings?

PSS Sorry Rosanna. I did not get around to dissing private schools until you returned.


  1. Was this actually funded (much) by tax payers? From what I understand, only a (relatively) small part of private schools' income comes from the government and a (grossly) large part of their profit is from fees so I'm guessing that construction work would have been funded (largely) by the parents of their students?

  2. Ahh but a library is only as good as it's contents and nothing could outshine The State Library for content,architecture,character and availability to all ;)
    It's not my cuppa tea but I'd have to see it in person to judge it properly.

  3. Correct Captain, but even the most expensive private schools had their public funding increased substantially during PM Howard's regime. The percentage of public funding is a lot higher than it used to be. As for public funding of religious schools, well you can guess my opinion of that.

    Just there yesterday, the State Library, Jayne. Will post about it soon.

  4. I love the UNSW library here in Syd! :)

    btw that brickwork is beautiful indeedz!


  5. It's an elementary school?! What does one get when they go to private high school?

    It's a beautiful building. Do you suppose the little tykes will appreciate it?

  6. Reuben van Bemmel7:36 pm

    Public funding of private schools. These politicians deserve a kick in the teeth from me. I go to a public school with a deplorable library and unacceptable teacher to kid ratios.

    Although it's architecturally commendable, this library.

  7. It really depends on the school.

    Most catholic private schools will take out a loan and have the administration, whether it be a religious congregation or church act as guarantor. The loan is paid back by the administration and the school is required to pay back through 'building funds', and trusts not directly by fees or government grants.

    That means the school doesn't default on the loan if they fall short of funds.

    I remember in my old job hearing about a PPP project that was on the cards with the congregation I was working for and the department of education to set up a TAFE, Public Library and private secondary school in the middle of Docklands. Not too sure where that is going however I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of announcement is made in the next 6 - 12 months.

  8. You can't perhaps see it in the photos Keshi, but the brickwork is quite intricate.

    Daisy Jo, we have publicly funded secondary schools, usually Year 7 to 12. They are mostly paid for by taxpayers with only small contributions from parents. Their quality varies from excellent to poor and that seems to depend on the socio economic area they are located in as much as anything. The private schools are nearly all religious schools and are mostly funded by fees, but increasingly also by taxpayers.

    Go Reuben.

    Interesting Bobby, thanks.

  9. The architects are probably Old Boys.
    Every account for every term's Fees would have had on it
    "$100 Contribution To School Building Fund".

    I used to run a shop in the CBD for 11 years until 1982, and every time the Melb City Rates account came, it had on it
    "PLus $3000 Underground Loop Levy"
    - so I OWN $33,000 worth of concrete in Melbourne, and you are all welcome to it.

  10. I remember that levy Ann. Didn't the city retailers hate it.

  11. Forgiven, Andrew. A library is a very important thing for a school to have - though I'm not sure I'm so fond of the greyness. At a girls school, it'd be all bells and whistels I'm sure.

    Howard loved giving money to the private schools.

  12. Howard was very generous to them. And why not. The parents of the students are his voters.