Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Local Art

This sculpture is at the corner of Market Street and Cecil Street, South Melbourne, near the new Safeway/Spotlight building. I don't know its title and I am not sure that I like it. Waddaya reckon?

The new Safeway is the nicest and largest supermarket I have even been in. You could almost drive a bus down the aisles. The Spotlight in the pic is the old one.

Market Street has reverted to being a two street now, but Google Maps has yet to catch on. Nor has the online Melways.


  1. I like it but it doesn't suit the area, nor does the area compliment it.

  2. I'd like it better if it was in my yard.

    (Actually, I'm undecided.)

  3. "You could almost drive a bus down the aisles."

    A new policy/approach? Noticed the Safeway at Moonee Ponds has had a refurb and now has much roomier aisles.

  4. hmm the color kinda sux. If it was in silver(steel) it wud hv been classier. Just my opinion :)


  5. Jayne, perhaps it would look better photographed from the other side with the modern new shopping complex in the background.

    Yes Daisy Jo, we can be sure it worth a lot of money.

    The new Coles opened first M'lord and then Safeway. Coles set the stakes high, but Safeway beat them.

    It is either rusty metal Keshi or made to look like that. I reckon brushed aluminium would look much better.

  6. I never like these public sculptures. They're always so bleak!

  7. I went past the sculpture just the other day...it certainly turns heads.
    So, does that safeway have nice fresh fruit? Or crappola like the other safeway stores I have been in of late?

  8. I figure Rosanna, that if people stop, scratch their heads, or interact with the sculpture in some way, it works. I haven't seen anyone do that with this work.

    Dunno Cazzie. It always looks wonderful but often isn't.

  9. Yeah, yu are right there, even the Safeway at Kensington, where I often stop on the way home from work, has yukky fruit, on the inside that is.However, I did get a lovely mango the other day. Much to my delight :)

  10. Are you an expert mango eater Cazzie? I was shown once how to cut it up so it is easy to eat, but usually I just slash into it while naked in the bath. The mess is contained then and I can rinse off afterwards.

  11. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Safeways, as far as western supermarkets go, is deplorable - if not atrocious. My local ones, in Preston, usually have only two checkouts open (lots of queuing), lack of quality or variety and a customer service mentality that makes their staff resemble little more than delinquents in uniform.
    I know that's harsh and cynical, but compared to supermarkets elsewhere in Europe and Japan and even the US, we have a lot to gain to reach their level.

  12. It seems to vary so much between different stores, both at Safeway and Coles.