Saturday, January 26, 2008

It took 24 hours for life to go crazy

Someone tell me yesterday was Friday the thirteenth?

11.30am Friday. Car air con is not working well. Indicators are going slowly. I know it can't be the battery coz I changed that in traumatic circumstances last year. Looks like I am going to find out why all the dash warning lights have been going on and off over the last couple of weeks.

11.45 Friday. I think I should drive straight to the garage. I just want to get home, eat, rest, cool off. Home wins. I try to restart car but dead. Wrong decision.

12.00 Friday Call RACV . Call garage to warn them of my impending arrival with non functioning auto. The nicest thing anyone said to me all day, 'of course darls, bring the car in and we will see what we can do'. RACV man calls to say he is nearby. I go down to carpark door to let him in. No sign of him. Wait a few minutes and call RACV back. He will call you direct in a moment, the operator tells me. He did and he is now stuck just 50 metres away behind a van that has blocked Queens Lane and is unloading some building construction products.

12.15 Friday. Car is running. RACV man suggests it is the alternator. I kinda worked that out myself. RACV has an alternator home service, which I would have used, except I had already called garage.

Anyway, I am sure I had a new alternator put in twelve years ago. What is wrong with stuff nowadays.

12.30 Arrive at garage. The ever charming Sam, who charges by the smile and the quantity of friendly service, tells me he can do it this afternoon, maybe, but they are closed until Tuesday coz of long weekend. Since the car also needs a service, and R would have to collect it for me later, and I don't need it over weekend, I say, keep it till Tuesday.

12.50 Just miss two trams home.

23.00 Retire for the night and apart from car, all is well with the world.

Saturday 07.00 Arise from slumber. Aircon was left on but balcony door is open, and windows. Try to turn air con off but remote unresponsive. Turn off at unit. Look at remote. Screen is blank. Change batteries. Still blank screen. Glare at unit. Try pushing on button on unit and unit starts throwing out heat. No, no. I want cool.

07.15 Decide to leave it till R gets up. He must have opened door and windows. Walk to computer, move mouse, computer wakes up and is stuck on start up with message 'keyboard not connected'. Replace batteries in keyboard and mouse. Nothing. Dig out old but never used cord keyboard, kept for just such occasions, and computer starts up. Cannot get cordless keyboard and mouse to work. Now I am wondering if Friday was the thirteenth on not. At some point trying to get keyboard and mouse to connect, I unplug the sender unit USB, and forget it is unplugged.

08.00 R arises. States he turned aircon off when he went to bed. Arose later to turn it on as he was too hot and it was already on but nothing blowing out, in spite of him switching it off when he went to bed. He switched it off and opened window and door and went back to bed.

9.00 Tire of playing with awful man made objects. R turns air con off and on at external unit and it starts cooling, thank god. Still remote doesn't work and call to technician is no help. Friends with the same air con unit are away for weekend, so can't borrow their remote. Well, it is cooling. I will just leave it be until Tuesday as already established service is not available over holiday weekend.

9.05 Decide to tackle computer again. Decide to unplug sender unit USB. Oops, it is unplugged. Plug in and the bloody thing works. I despair. Never ever ever be tempted to buy a cordless keyboard and mouse, unless you enjoy masochism.

Now, is something going on here? Aircon was normal when we went to bed and off. PC was left running, as it always is, and yet both had gone weird over night? Are you thinking some sort of electrical spike or loss? Why did the pc decide to restart? No clocks flashing to indicate power loss overnight, but then pc is the most sensitive to a flash loss of power.

Dunno, and how could a power problem affect a remote control?

PS Cordless phone just rang. Tried to answer but it wouldn't work. Person rang back. It worked second time.

PPS Just spoke to step father. His car has electrical problem that self cured, but his water pump has now failed.

PPS Our problems pale into insignificance compared to almost burning a house down. Read a ripper post from Rosanna here.


  1. Oh man -- sounded like a truly rough day! Just think that one day, when the universes balances out, you will have a day when you'd be happy to the same degree that you were as frustrated

  2. My air-con goes okay for a while but if I use the remote for the video recorder it seems to interfer with the signal. I turn it off with the wall switch when that happens as I've woken up with cold air going full bore.

  3. Actually Princess, and hi, it has been awhile, the rest of the day was quite nice. Earth, moon, sun and Venus must have lined up.

    Something like that was mentioned in the air con manual that I read today Jah Teh. 'If sender unit operates other appliance, return to shop'.

  4. Must be an incredible amount of static in the air over there or something. There's no way it's a coincidence.

  5. Also, why have you never told me of Rosanna's writing before? She's brilliant!

  6. I think when R left the balcony door open, lightening came in and smashed the place up.

    Rosanna is gorgeous and barely twenty years old. She has been on earth before. While some on my blog list may not have much relevance to you dearest Daisy Jo, they are all there coz they write really well. Hmm, never realised that until you made me think about it.

  7. I've been here, have I not Andrew?

    Sorry to hear about your air con. I think the only solution is perhaps the electricity overloaded? That happened to us once when we had all our air cons going, the computers, the TV, the DVD... That is my only solution (although it hardly sounds like you were setting all your electric problems all guns blazing)

  8. PS: Thank you for your lovely words.

  9. Or it could just be a co-incidence Rosanna. :)

  10. Check if you're using rechargeable batteries as some units have hissy fits with them.
    Otherwise it was the Moon playing peek-a-boo with TV aerials while possums were nibbling on electrical chakras with ties to Aussie of The Year Awards....

  11. They were the original batteries in the air con remote Jayne, about five years old. I changed them of course, but made no difference. I think your second para might be on the mark.