Friday, January 11, 2008

Hot Beach

For me, beaches are for walking along and observing nature, in its various forms. I am not keen on swimming in salty water and getting all sticky, carting sand home in ones clothing, flies, burning sun and sunburn. I could go on.

Bit unusual I guess because we were very much beach kids as we grew up.

R likes the beach a bit more than do I. Yesterday he chastised himself for being silly enough to go to the beach on a stinking hot day where he could have stayed home in the cool, but to the beach he went on the tram.

The tram was packed and he had an uncomfortable journey and then once at the beach, burnt his feet. It was very hot on the sand, but delicious in the water. He commented on the way young people on the tram were swearing. R is known to use ripe language, unlike the virtuous moi, but he was astonished by how open and blatant they were, not caring who was hearing them.

Once on the fairly crowded beach, he found a place to spread his towel near some other towels whose owners were absent. When the owners returned, he was even more appalled at the way they were swearing and the obnoxious conversation. He picked up his towel and moved to another spot only to have more kids near him swearing away.

Swearing should be saved for appropriate occasions, like when you hurt yourself or you wish to insult someone.

Sometimes I just feel so out of touch.


  1. ew it's such a thing these days - I think it kind of relates to Stephs last post about the anger bubble. People just overreact to everything. In the good old days, if you drove your mum to say 'damn' then you knew you;d messed up bigtime and you made yourself scarce. These days, you'll be standing in the queue at the checkout behind a woman who is alternately ignoring her kids bad behaviour, or telling them to fucking shut the fuck up or they'll really fucking have something to fucking cry about.
    Plus, it's straight to the bad words these days. No 'shit' for these precoscious youngsters, now they intersperse the c word into their regualr conversation.
    Lets take a stand: I'm not advocating saying sugar or fudge, because that's fricking stupid, but I'm going to try not to wear unless its completely appropriate. And fuck will be my big bad word, so if I use it everyones eyes will go wide like "oh she's really mad now". Let's see how long I last...oh and my blog doesn't count. I still get to swear like a sailor on that!

  2. Maybe fricking is also stupid?

  3. I am practicing using proper adjectives in 2008, and trying to consider cursing a sign of a weak mind.

    We'll have to consult the Freshman to see if I'm practicing hard enough.

  4. My parents had friends who were good church going and Dutch born but no one could ever convince her that the eff word ought not be used all the time. Swearing was something my mother was hard about and we would dare not and even my father never used the f or c word. But I think I heard my mother say shit at christmas. I would have received god knows what for saying that.

    While you are renovating Daisy Jo, you are allowed freedom of speech. I have been known to let fly when renovating.

  5. My sister and I swear like troopers but not in public. I remember my father looking shocked when I once told him not to get his knickers in a twist. Times have changed but there's still a place for a good cuss word but it's just not in public.

  6. Swearing in public is so crass,vulgar and common but unfortunately it's become the norm.