Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day and Indian Republic Day to all

Today is Australia Day, the day some blokes landed somewhere or t'other and declared this is the place for village containing convicts, then got drunk on rum and went out and killed an aborigine or two and perhaps a kangaroo. Some things about Australia never change. It is also Indian Republic Day. So happy Australia Day and happy Indian Republic Day.

We have had over two hundred years to screw our country up, India only fifty eight years.

Strangely, I think, to celebrate our Australia Day, we are being urged to a lamb (thanks Andy). I would have thought kangaroo would be more appropriate. But I am glad it is not as I don't like the taste of kangaroo.

As a regular supplier of visual aids, here is a photographic representation of what we are to eat. Two, four, six, eight. Bog in, don't wait. Selected your portion yet? Don't save any for me, I am having beef tonight.


  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    How could you eat anything that looks that cute???? In the words of another (in)famous Aussie, 'shame on you'! Happy Australia Day, Andrew! Vik. :)

  2. Happy Oz day to you too Vik. Send out a mass email on how you celebrated, or a personal one. Btw, did we tell you famous bearded media person seems to buying up the place and moving all and sundry rels in?

  3. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Alas, I didn't do anything special today but I did do a few Australian-themed lessons yesterday and ate 2 Tim Tams!

  4. Give me lamb over Tom Cruise ANY day...he's baaaa-d :P

  5. Ah, true blue Vik.

    He is getting badder by the minute Jayne. I don't like cranks like him having such influence.