Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A few hours out

I like to do stuffs on my day off and as R is on hols, I dragged him into town to see an exhibition at the State Library. It was an excellent photographic exhibition called Victorians on Vacation. It is free to view and takes perhaps a minimum of half an hour to see. You could easily spend much longer. It has come in for criticism for using the word vacation rather than holiday, but it does sort of run better.

I had heard of Cookie bar but I never ventured in. It was noon and we were thirsty so we climbed the stairs of Curtin House and got prime seats in a balcony. The weather was glorious and we sat there looking down on Swanston Street. But after a couple of Asahis we were feeling peckish. We did not want to eat there as we had already spent $28 between us on two beers each.

Just as an aside, I was last in Curtin house about twenty five years ago when a gay exercise/aerobic was started up. It was called Discocising. I only went twice. I think it was on the third floor where the is now another bar and cabaret venue. Also there is a rooftop bar and rooftop open air evening cinema and Friday nights there is some sort of clothing fashion market.

We went down to Fed Square to I think Cafe Chinotto and had some dips, breads and hot chips along with coffee and did more gazing around. We were entertained by the fire busker with his chest pressed on a bed of nails. Kinky!

I reckon if I visited Melbourne as a tourist, I would like it very much and want to return.


  1. I've been to the Fed Square...awesome place.

    Good pics!


  2. Great pics :)
    There is a lot going on in Melb all the time, I must drag Feral Fruit of My Loins to the State Library !

  3. I haven't really explored much of fed square, but my mum keeps raving about ACMI and saying I should get there. For some reason, it doesn't really do much for me though (Fed Sq, not mum's advice!)

  4. How many times have you been to Melbourne Keshi? Seen much?

    It is a good exhibition Jayne, especially for younguns like us.

    Pick you time to go Rob. They have some great exhibitions so make sure it is something you want to see.

  5. I bet that heat is making you extra thirsty ;)

  6. Just twice all these years of my life in Aus :)

    I hv only visited the Mel city..hvnt even experienced the Great Ocean Drive yet :(


  7. Yes Steph. And what's your point? Early starts next week, so moderation.

    I have driven it Keshi, but you don't see a lot when you are driving. Coach tour of Great Ocean Road is the way to go. I am going to do that at some point.