Monday, January 07, 2008


Below is a snip from The Age. I am not keen on Docklands. To me it lacks soul, feels artificial and just does not work. Clearly from the article below, others feel there are problems too.

DOCKLANDS, the largest urban renewal project in Australia's history, must change dramatically if it is to cope with rapid growth and integrate properly into the CBD, Melbourne City Council says.

In its first major blueprint for Docklands, the council has laid out changes it believes are needed over the next three years if the district is to thrive.

So it isn't thriving then?

But not everyone feels like that. I can't remember where I saved this below from but developers and agents must do what they do, that is talk it up.

"I think the Docklands is really starting to hit its stride," Mirvac sales manager Tom Ormerod said yesterday. "The place has evolved a heck of a lot.

"There's far more certainty about the amenities that are going in down there. It's given people the sort of lifestyle choices that they probably haven't previously had. The place is coming to fruition, essentially."


  1. It reminds me of some space odessey type of place, sterile, grey, no colour and when you do go there, there is almost nothing opened.....maybe I just go there at the wrong times?

  2. It needs a few facades of Edwardian or Victorian Neo-Gothic or Art Deco buildings to give it depth,feeling and character.

  3. I wonder how well Docklands will age. I would like to think that in the future it will be valued for it's architecture dating from the turn of the century, somehow I doubt it though.

    On the issue of soul, I think it is slowly changing. A few weeks ago I was walking down Bourke Street West and noticed that a lot of businesses have moved into the shop fronts in the area. As more people move in and make their mark I guess it will gain more character. Whether that character is good or bad remains to be seen.

  4. I used to work at Docklands (check out the disgusting Innovation Building if you dare - and no I didn't work for Telstra) and it seems eerily quiet all the time.

    Even on lunch breaks, at a cafe packed with NAB employees, it still seems so deserted. There's something about crossing the bridge past Telstra Dome that just makes it seem like you've gone far beyond the borders of the city.

    Maybe it's all the wind...

    Perhaps once all the major construction is finished and the buildings are occupied it will feel less dead. I guess that wont be for a couple of years.

    Mirvac guy is just trying to drum up a bit of enthusiasm for the place. Pah. I'd never live there. It's like a freaking wind tunnel all the time!