Monday, January 21, 2008

Childhood Confession #44

Post inspired by this one. My grandfather had a couple of painting trestles, so we set them up in his backyard and draped an old canvas over them. Voila, we had a house we could stand up in.

I am not sure what I expected to happen when I held a match to the oily greasy old canvas, but you can guess. Mother and grandparents came out and put the fire out. There was not much left anyway. It went up like Hindu's widow.

Children can be fascinated with fire. I was. My parents fault for making me burn up rubbish.

Next childhood adult confession, when I set the lawnmower machine on fire.


  1. you boys and your arson. I didn't light a match until I was about 12. I was that terrified of my hair catching on fire.

  2. Not just boys Andrew, I've always had a thing about fires... now its just candles lol

  3. See Non Blondie. It is not just a guy thing.

  4. A fate that every motor mower deserves. (Especially the ones that raise their ugly four-strokes at 8 a.m. on Sunday mornings.)

    Mind your setting fire to a motor mower is small beer compared to the Sth. Melb. candle factory I set fire to decades ago.

    Well may they say "A watched kettle never boils" but "An unwatched saucepan of wax wreaks havoc."

    (So watch those candles jo.)

  5. Were you wax dyeing your sarong M'lord?

  6. hahaha... !
    I can't compete with the lawnmower though. My fires were strictly wood/state forest based. I haven't graduated to machinery arson yet...

  7. Well, I didn't torch the bush Jiminy, but I did chop down a beautiful tree fern with a tomahawk and diverted a creek temporarily.

  8. My light up trick is to constantly set fire to the kettle handle. The one I have now is down to the steel inner in places.

  9. I think you can get electric kettles now Jahteh. Surely one would solve your burnt handle problem. Oh, it is an electric kettle that you burn the handle. Turn the gas a bit lower.


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