Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cheering highriser

I was out and about yesterday. But I wasn't in such a good mood. My fave place for el cheapo bacon and eggs, opposite the town hall, was not serving such until the 14 Feb. I took a takeaway coffee and sat by lonely self in Bourke Street Mall. I gazed around the Mall and I think this is its best version yet, and I have seen plenty of versions.

I had to buy something in Myer Lonsdale Street, so I walked through the Bourke Street store. I asked the helper person where such item I wanted was in the store. I already thought Lonsdale Street, 4th floor, but she said she thought it was 3rd floor. I was right of course. I always am.

While dwelling on my personal problems, and no matter how deeply I bury my head in the sand, they won't go away, I noticed all the sunglasses had gone from the rear of the Bourke Street store.

I stepped out into Little Bourke Street to cross over to the Lonsdale Street store, and music boomed out of some loudspeakers. Perhaps the music is to deter young people from hanging around.

When you're smiling, when you're smiling,
The whole world smiles with you.

When you're laughing, when you're laughing,
The sun comes shining through.

I listened for maybe a minute, then squared my shoulders, forced a half smile and set forth on my errand.

What confidence can you have in people and things if you don't have confidence in yourself? It just took a bit of crappy but happy, idiotic old music for me to remember this.


  1. I'm confused. Why are they not serving bacon and eggs until the 14th?

    You should be confident: you are well-loved by an American girl. ;)

  2. The cafe is on the street Daisy Jo. Bacon and egss mysteriously appear from somewhere down an arcade where I expect there is an Asian restaurant, which is perhaps having an extended christmas closure until the 14th.

    How can you get to your age and remain so sweet?

  3. Chinese New Year maybe?

    Of course you should be confident - you're not Don Bradman and you have a fan club !

  4. ** no matter how deeply I bury my head in the sand, they won't go away

    so true Andrew. Sometimes I so wanna block out my probs I just scream.


  5. Okay I absolutely commented on this post. Where has it gone?

    Anyway, to repeat myself;

    What an interesting point you raise about lack of confidence in oneself. Can you have confidence in someone else if you don't have confidence in yourself?

    I hope your day improves and that your favourite cafe reopens soon.

  6. I love this music, it reminds me of my nan and my days working in the nursing home. Thing is, it is the only happyness them old people have in there :(
    The sunglasses...maybe they were bought by some of that guy "Corey" 's..mates?

  7. Thank you ladies, thank you ball girls.

    Doubt you buy a yellow pair for love or money Cazzie.