Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Carey Tapes

Wayne Carey in a spot of bother within his own apartment block is of great interest to me.

Not whatever deed he may or may not have committed, but how the camera footage, note it would be a digital recording, not a video tape, ended up in the hands of the media. I need to choose my words carefully here I think, but I saw someone on the footage, who I presume was the building's concierge. He was dressed in a suit and easily knew which lift buttons to press.

The incident happened on a Sunday night. I find it hard to imagine that the building has security guards on a Sunday night, in addition to a concierge. It is quite possible that the guards were on call and not far away of course. Our building's security viewing area is in a locked secure area with only four keys to the room I believe, and two of those are in the possession of the body corp management staff, one with the building manager, one with the body corp secretary.

Every few days our security footage is backed up onto dvd. To burn a dvd of the security footage from the hard drive requires knowledge of the system. To my knowledge only two people within our building know how to do this.

I can't imagine it is so different in the block where Wayne Carey lives. I doubt the guards would have the knowledge to burn the dvds if they haven't done so before.

I suppose it is possible that it is video footage, but I have never seen non digital security footage as clear as what was shown on television.

It is alleged that the security footage was sold on to the commercial television station for $20,000.

All very odd to me.


  1. Anonymous8:27 pm

    By far the oddest thing, Andrew, is that the media actually care. This Carey guy might be famous for some people, but the reality is that most of us don't care as this piece of news has the same effect on us as a cardboard box on the moon. Perhaps the media could balance this report out and have big articles about other various daily assaults.

  2. Brought undone by a bit of crumpet.

    Ain't it the old-old story.

  3. He is a celebrity Reuben. Right or wrong, people are interested. You'll be fighting uphill if you think you fight against cult of the celebrity. But all are free to ignore such matters.

    Not sure about that Robert!

    You agree with me of course Keshi.

  4. Channel 9 refused to buy it in case it's classed as stolen - which, technically, it might be if it was handled by people who have no legal right to it.
    He's a f*&^*ing wanker who believes his own PR.
    He's not on my Chrissy card list!

  5. I think he needs help Jayne, and perhaps more so than Mr Cousins. Start with breaking him from his self indulgence that he has probably had for a very long time.