Monday, January 28, 2008

Big silver bird mid year

Well, we have done it. Regardless of me having no spare moola, we have booked our mid year flight to and from the UK.

We travel to Singapore on Quaint Ass airlines and have four days there before going on to London where we have flexible number of days at this point, and then travel by train onto Newcastle (that was the only thing I asked for, a train trip from London to Newcastle, well, and to not stay with rels but in rels caravan). Coming back, we are doing it as quickly as possible, Newcastle to Melbourne. Clearly we will have to stop along the way for petrol and airport botheration. We could have bought the tickets online cheaper towards the end of last year, but we did not realise how much cheaper it is by using the net rather than a travel agent.

Trip is now costing $2609 return. Probably could have got it for $2400 last year. Yes, we are indulging in some self kicking, but we are not knowledgeable about such matters.

I have just been looking at train travel from London to Newcastle. The last time I looked, it was by the impressively named Great North Eastern Railway. It seems since then, the contract has been awarded to another company, National Express, the same company who ran half our Melbourne trains and trams and then bolted. Yes, I gave a shudder.

R is fuming at Qantas as he thought that when he looked at the 'online check in example' that he would be able to choose our seats once we paid. From what we can see now, we can't until 24 hours before the flight. I am not convinced about this. Further looking or a telephone call is required.

On a personal level, since I have to worry about collecting the motor from the garage tomorrow and fainting when I hear the cost, buying a new remote control for the aircon, probably fainting at the cost of that too, and needing a blood pressure medicine prescription entailing a visit to the doc, I have decided I am unwell tomorrow and cannot go to work.


  1. My cousin jetted to the UK August '07 and the travel agent was able to book the exact seats the moment the flight confirmation came thru.Not sure who she flew with.
    Yes, have a day of rest, you'll need it !

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery from your decided unwellness.

    I've always wanted to go on a train ride; you'll have to tell us all about it so I can live vicariously.

  3. Still working on Qantas Jayne.

    I have decided to be well today thanks Daisy Jo. Trains are so quiet and smooth nowadays Daisy Jo. Will do.

  4. Oh, LONDON! My favourite city in the whole wide world. I could munch it up. You will have such a wonderful time Andrew.

    Are you stopping in Singapore?

    You can absolutely pick your seat with Qantas any time you like. I rang up a good few months in advance to request an aisle seat. No worries at all. They are very helpful, as I am picky and always, always ask for an aisle seat up the front (4 - 5 rows from the front, so as it avoid the children in the front row).

    Have never been to Newcastle but the UK countryside is like nothing else.

  5. Few days in S'pore. Working out the priorities of what to see in London in a few days is the challenge.

  6. Everyone goes back to the UK but me. *wailing ensues*

    Ooooh... however, there's bead shops in Singapore... Hey Andrew, wanna do me a favour? *L*

  7. And might I suggest the Churchill museum in London? Sounds boring but actually found it intensely interesting. :)

  8. Well, I won't be going returning Ren, coz I have never been. Thanks for your museum suggestion but I am not traipsing around Singapore looking for beads. :)