Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beating the Council #39

This pub is on the corner of High Street and Chapel Street in Windsor. It is a very old building. The owner wanted to get rid of the hideous seventies brown bricks at street level, but council said no because of some heritage listing or something like that. So the owner got busy with his paint brush, which was allowed, and
'brightened' it up a bit. Score: Pub owner 1, City of Stonnington 0.

Oh, and it is more a nightclub now than a pub.


  1. Lively looking place with that paint job...I like it!

  2. That looks so much better! How thing's have changed since I've been away. I've walked(wobbled) out of that doorway on the corner at unreasonable hours on a number of nights.
    Thanks for keeping all us homesick inner-eastern suburbians up to date Andrew!

  3. I like the color of it..I am trying to place it, I am sure I hae been there before, in my Alfred days..

  4. Oh.My.Lord.
    That was the scene of many a deviant outing.
    Paint job HUGE improvement!

  5. I can't recall what it was like earlier Daisy Jo, so it must have been bland.

    Pleasure Jiminy. Nice to have the feedback.

    Could be a good reason why you can't really remember it Cazzie.

    I like it too Jayne. I don't think it is amateur work.

  6. Anonymous6:34 pm

    I think it's crazy for the council to uphold the puerile values of ugliness and then excuse it in the name of 'heritage'.

    Are those flags on the purple background?

  7. Looks like someone has been playing tetris on those walls.

    70's brown bricks. They weren't left overs from the gas and fuel towers were they?

  8. Just geometric shapes I think Reuben.

    They are actually not too bad Ben, as brown bricks go, with some texture and colour flecks. Far nicer than the gas and fuel bricks.