Monday, January 14, 2008

And what a party it was

R is smitten with a much younger man. I hope this young man is over sixteen. I suppose he is. This lad has seemingly respectable parents and lives in a decent, although pimple on a pumpkin, house and the lad decided to hold a party.

The young man is nice looking with a great body for sure. Bleach has worked its magic on his hair and if he is not gay, he either has a gay friend advising him, or he has lass who is happy to help him with his sense of fashion because she is just a friend and would never see him as boyfriend material. Whatever, the end result is he looks fabulous in an adventurous straight boy way.

Others must find something very attractive about him, because when he held a party at home while his parents were away on holiday, he ended up with 500 guests.

So many young people at one party at one house caused the neighbours and hence the constabulary a bit of bother, to the point of a police car being damaged and the police airwing and dog squad being called in.

The lad is unrepentant and would do it all again tomorrow, although I am sure I heard him add that he didn't want trouble (did I?). Admittedly Hilary Obama has done nothing interesting today, and nor has Kevin Nelson, but the amount of media coverage this lad has created is astonishing. And this is before he hires a agent. What a natural talent he has. How instinctive is his publicity houndness. Don't all teen girls and ageing old gay men love a bad boy?

So finally R has caught on the I am boring and don't give him interesting experiences, like a party for 500, whereas this young man would.

Guile or gaul, the lad at his young age knows how to play the media. Good on him. It is kind of like turning the media back on themselves.

Later Edit: If you don't know what I am talking about, you must live overseas, so here is a link to the bad boy.


  1. Andrew don't you dare give the rotten little creep any more publicity. If I was his mother, I'd walk in and rip that ring right out of his nipple while beating some sense into him with a baseball bat. Next thing you know, he'll be on Big Brother waving an XXL dick around because that's the only place his brains are. As for the great body, he certainly had it on display enough tonight.
    Thank you for letting me comment rantly, I refuse to do this on my blog on principle.

  2. Andrew Its not over yet WAIT TILL HIS PARENTS GET HOME !!!!! Hes off to the Police Station

  3. What is wrong with you girls. Can't you see he is a spoilt brat. His parents will minorly admonish him and withdraw his pocket money for a week and then give in after three days.

    Robyn, it was just Commissioner Nixon making a grand gesture. She knows that the police ought not charge for upholding law and order. That is what they are there for, without blame.

  4. I indeed did not know what you were talking about. Thanks for the link. Despite his bad behavior, he is lovely to look at.

  5. he parents deserve everything that happened because
    1. they named him Corey
    2. they left a brat who LOOKS like that, home alone?
    3. they are the only people who have not seen 'Risky Business'.

    on the other hand, the father could actually take this opportunity to KILL the little bastard - i don't believe an arrest would be made, and if I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict.

    I do hope R was just joshin ya when he said 'smitten' - as that boy is a Rolex-stealer or I am Liz Taylor.

  6. hahahaha that would be an unforgettable party. Police helicopter? Awesome.
    Can't believe they're trying to make the parents pay. But this is great - let's pass the buck. His parents can blame their own parents for not teaching them to be good parents, and so on through the years until we run out of scapegoats. I'll never be held responsible for anything else in my life!

    Was this a crap comment? Your fault Andrew for writing the post! I'm good at this!

  7. LMFAO If that spoiled brat was mine he'd be seeing stars and having his arse kicked 6 ways from Sunday...oh wait, the feral fruit of my loins know better than to pull that kind of crap ;)

  8. I think his parents will probably more pissed off at his 'too cool for school' attitude on tv

  9. Hi Andrew,
    The girl showed me your post today.
    I think his parents are going to be super pissed. Although it looks like he's already being punished.
    It's as though every time someone calls him irresponsible or spoiled or a brat, one piece of clothing disappears and is replaced with something out of a kindergarten dress-up box.
    This link shows him in slightly less stylish garb:,22606,23047115-5006301,00.html

  10. Lol Ann. I still doubt the parents will do much.

    I just can't get over the way he dresses Daisy Jo. I feel so old.

    Yes, well Jayne, the clearly has never been any threat of that in his life.

    That's the amazing part too Jo. No sorry, no remorse.

    Yep Non Blondie, the buck never stops with anyone. My post was crap anyway, but blog needs to be a bit of fun at times.

    'Kindergarten dress up box', love it Jiminy.

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    The government should enact a ban on all alcohol advertising and should invest in infrastructure in outer suburbs such as Narre Warren.

  12. Someone wrote on the age online that if it was a Sudanese kid, the coverage would be very, very different. I tend to agree.

    As for the kid himself, bah. He might be easy on the eye (yes, even a straight man such as myself can appreciate that), I very much doubt he'd be as appealing when he opens his mouth. This is a personal preference, but someone's voice can very easily (and often does) override any external stimuli. Anyone who works on public transport over cup week (especially late on Oaks Day) can attest to this!

  13. Well, we watched this brazen young dude on the current affair show and he seems like a bit of a weed to us. LOL. He wouldn't take his yellow glasses off...and we all know why...ya can tell when people is on drugs by lookin in their eyes eh? LOL
    Oh well, all I can say is I hope he has a good time, coz when his mumma gets him he is as good as dead I reckon.

  14. See that Andrew, you can tell who are the mothers reading your blog. I bet your mum would have a few words too.

    Cazzie, the very thought I had when he wouldn't take off those silly glasses but was showing everything else down to the name on his undies.

  15. Infrastructure is one thing Rueben, but a loving and disciplined upbringing surely is more important. I grew up without infrastructure, except for poxy little school and a road that had tar on it.

    Saw that Rob and I could not even allow myself to think any further. We know hey. So agree about voice. I would love David Beckham if he just had a decent voice.

    Can't believe how naive I am Cazzie and Jahteh. Of course you are right about the sunglasses. Takes a mother..........

    Jahteh, you have almost tempted me to call my mother tomorrow and subtly ask her what she thinks. She won't have any idea about drugs but I would be interested to know how she would think she would handle the situation.

  16. What is up with those yellow sunglasses anyway?

    He is the Shane Paxton of this decade...

  17. The boy is scorchingly, achingly hot. That he is a complete badass makes me want to drool over his luscious body all the more. Age be damned! He's legal at least!

    I'm sure Who Weekly will do a 'Where are they now' story on him in ten years and he'll be fat, married with a huge brood and a receding hairline and most will wonder what all the fuss was about.

    But those of us with good memories will recall that for that brief moment in time, he was the 'It party boy'....

  18. Paxton was a victim of the media and this lad is well on the way to becoming one too. He is only 16 after all and it would seem hardly a mature one at that.

    Yep Margeaux, it is clear to me that he won't age well. His fifteen minutes of fame. Many of us have a thing for a bad boy. Perhaps they are what we are not.

  19. Hahha on his undies, you are right!