Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ace 2

Layton (sic) Hewitt is not my favourite person, although he does have some talents. He is a big part of the rot in tennis nowadays.

Many Australians don't like him so in the unlikely event he should end up playing the popular Roger Federer or Marcos Baghdadis in the tennis final, will be be supporting our Layton? I won't be. Arrogant little upstart.


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Andrew, I really thought that Leyton was going to quit the game at least 2 yrs ago. There just seems no way back to his glory days of being in the top three in the world.
    But he seems to be happy to soldier on as a top 20 player now and get trashed by Federer and Nadal everytime they meet.
    Not sure what all the bad stories are about him. I guess we dont get to hear about them over here.

    But yes they do serve Stella Artoise beer at the Queens club and the people drink from their seats. But of course the tournament is somewhat exclusive so the drinkers are usually the social scene crowd.. executives, buisness people (Not sure if they are real tennis fans) and corporate guests. So the serving of alcohol has no effect.

    But the Arthur Ashe Stadium at Flushing Meadow is quite awesome espcially at the night matches with a full house.

    But as for the Kooyong situation now I wonder what the Laver and Newcombe's think.

  2. Amen. I'm just waiting for the reality show, "At home with Becky and Ley Ley". You know it's coming.

  3. Leyton, the ball tosser. Arrogant classless little tosser! The likes of gentleman Ken Rosewall would be turning in his grave - were he dead that is.

  4. What Ben said. That's train wreck TV that I will adore!!
    Hate the Hewitts!

  5. I have to agree, I can't stand Leyton and his tribe, little girl is cute though.

    I often think when he plays and *wins?* means he won't go home and beat his missus, cause thats the impression I get of him. Not sure why just seems the type of sports guy that would if he lost.

    Pompous arse that he is.

  6. Agreed Ben...the sad slide to oblivion will see Ley Ley cling grimly, by his fingernails, to his former status as reality TV shows us how he dutch ovens Bec after a night of curry and VB.

  7. Hmmmm Well Leyton plays Marcos Baghdatis Tomorrow... You know who I will be going for AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE

  8. Spoken like a true patriot Robyn :)

  9. I dunno, from what I have viewed brifely at work during my tea breaks this week, Lleyton makes alot of grunting noises out there...I don't think I can watch him play tennis too long.