Saturday, January 19, 2008

81 to 08

Year specific, the only thing I recall about 1981 is sitting with two dyke friends, who we have long moved on from, watching Michael Parkinson interview some guests on the tele. I recall one saying, should we put Parky on? And we did.

Like the dyke friends moved on, so now is Parky. I am now watching his last show on television. At times Parky could be boring, it did rather depend on his guests. Often the guests who were unknown to me were more interesting than celebs. But of course on his last show, he has brought out the best. The ever clever R guessed that the bad language warning meant Billy Connolly would be a guest.

I will miss the constancy of Parky. And yes, I did see the Meg Ryan interview.


  1. My patients love Parkinson, and Oprah..they are different aren't they? Yes, I think they are...
    Meg Ryan, I love her :)

  2. Loved his interviews with Robbie Williams and the boys from Little Britain too. He'll be missed.

  3. Loved the final show,we'll miss Parky.

    What was Dame Judy wearing ?!

  4. Very different Cazzie. I haven't really watched Oprah but you can't not know about her.

    Saw them both Steph. They were good.

    Honestly can't recall Jayne, but I know very well how English actors dress. Badly!

  5. Parky does it better than anyone and the shows cover enough ground to suit everyone. The number of times someone I want to watch and listen to has been on a Don Lane-Steve Vizard-Letterman show and I've been disappointed has to be calculated logarithmically. "Is that all? Why wasn't he/she asked this or that?"

    Parky just does it better. And guests who are wise to the house style (particularly the English) know how to play it beautifully.

    I thought the Meg Ryan debacle was Michael's fault. He took a moralistic stance on a film she'd just completed and kept hammering her about it in a way that he never would have done to say, Richard Burton, whose later catalogue were almost exclusively stinkers.

  6. Agree about Meg Ryan Lad. I sat there with my mouth open at the open hostility he displayed. Mind you, she did not help either. But he ought have been more professional.

  7. I love Oprah and I love Meg Ryan! She's so beautiful and so full of grace.


  8. Dame Judy was wearing clothes, but she was having a wardrobe malfunction at the time. I remember reading about it in the paper after the show first went to air in the UK. We weren't actually meant to see her underwear.

  9. Meg Ryan must be getting on a bit now Keshi. I have seen her in a movie, forget which, but otherwise don't know much about her.

    Oh god Ben, don't tell me she did a Paris or Brittany.