Wednesday, January 16, 2008

401 Gone

I miss 401 St Kilda Road with its useful local shops for local people. A new convenience store has opened a little further down the road in the Kingstoun building. It is a ten minute walk there and back, so we are not so badly off. Another will open soon in the front room of the Albert Park Manor, the red brick building seen in the right of the photos. No one could say 401 was a nice bit of architecture, but the tree shaded central courtyard was very pleasant. Ravens loved it and often emptied out the rubbish bins. It took about eight weeks to demolish with only one or two workers. I was pleased to see a lot of metal was sent for recycling, but a lot of stuff wasn't.


A bit demolished to give access from the street at the rear.

Not much left now.

A clean slate. Workers huts have now been delivered and I expect some significant digging soon.


  1. What is planned for the space now ?
    That courtyard would have,indeed, been lovely.
    Pity about the recycling.

  2. Sorry Jayne. Can't do an active link.

  3. ...And some gorgeous pics of some tanned looking builder's bodies?? LOL

  4. The 7-11 that used to be there was very handy for when the vending machine in our office was empty.

    Hey Andrew, they're opening a Degani bakery on the bottom floor of my building. I hope they have good coffees!

  5. was that a league of gentleman quote in there? local shops for local people. a can a cant?

    ...or if not you have no idea what I'm on about. nevermind!

  6. Nothing at the demolition site Cazzie, but plenty of bare bods next to the place where Hawkeye works.

    By the sound of the name Hawkeye, they will have good coffee. Do you remember that French bakery kind of place in Queens Lane?

    Clearly you not a long time reader Margarettttt, aka Non Blondie. I have used a few League of Gentleman phrases in the past, but 'this is a local shop for local people, you are not welcome here' is my favourite.

  7. Andrew, I was talking to one of the boys doing the fit-out of the place. Apparently the barista at their Camberwell shop is paid $1000 a week, so I daresay they will bring in a good barista for this shop as well. I hope so, because although the place where I get my coffee of a morning -whilst in transit to work - is quite good, sometimes one needs a top-up during the day, and I hate for my top-ups to be disappointing.

  8. Ah Hawkeye. That is where I must know the name Delagno from. I walked past yesterday. Well on its way.