Friday, December 07, 2007

Work christmas parties and a vale

I am a widow/er home alone tonight. It is R's work christmas bash at Jimmy Watsons in Carlton. I said that it sounded very staid and boring. He thought that it is a young person's venue. I eagerly await the report.

I forget when my work bash is. I don't go anymore. It is in a church hall and the food will be wonderful. Light beer and even cheaper wine than I drink will be served. I have enough Indian friends at work to chum up and share their supply of whiskey outside, but I have to work the next day, so can't do that.

I went to R's work bash one year and I was bored stiff with all the shop talk. He came to mine one year and was just as bored with my shop talk. I am such a shallow butterfly anyway. I flit from one to another because I get bored easily and then realise I have chatted to everyone and retire to a corner. I am a lousy party person unless I know people well.

Ah, the work parties of old, when there was a pianist and drums or a band. Sexual tensions brewing over the past year were quickly resolved. Ah, the clarity of memory there. Straight guys can be so good after they have had a drink or five.

There were always at least two fights. One year was extra good when not one but two different gay guys knocked out two different straight guys. I retreated and observed from a corner and busily filed my nails. The bruises and cuts on various people became evident at work over the next few days.

Another old work ex mate died today. He was only early fifties. He was Indian and very nice looking and tall and with a nice build. I had not seen him since he was about forty, but I remember him fondly. He was such a nice guy, one of those really genuinely nice people . He died of Motor Neuron disease. So sad. Vale Nanda.


  1. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Andrew, I too have been deserted tonight. Commiserations. Actually, it can be nice to relax. I don't mind Jimmy Watson's on the odd occasion. It has a good wine list and an ambient and secluded beer garden with vines growing on the walls (if I remember correctly... I have had a few good reds there). Here is a piece of trivia. My mum danced with the original Jimmy Watson when she was a gal at one of those dances they had at the town hall. When I asked her about him she said he was very fast. A real ladies man.


  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Sorry Andrew,

    I left out the most important thing in my previous comment. I am so sorry to hear about your ex-workmate and he was very young. I am sure he would appreciate the way you have remembered him here.

  3. I have chosen to boycott the work Christmas function (yep - the Zoo of all places. Strangely appropriate). Me and several of the cool people are going to head elsewhere to consume without waiting in huge lines or bumping into those you spend all your life avoiding. I highly recommend it!

  4. Partners christmas party's can be really boring. I remember one place mine had just started working at, they were all quite a bit older than us and sooooo boring. So I sat quietly and drank way too much and apparently provided more entertainment for the night.

  5. The Spouse of The House stopped coming to my hospital Xmas bashes when we all proceeded to discuss surgery techniques over the entree...can't understand why he was off his tucker that night LOL !

    Sorry to hear about your workmate Andrew.MND is cruel.

  6. The brief version is from R LiD is that it was lousy. Upstairs room.

    The Zoo sounds like good fun Rob. Ok, it is the people.

    Very late food caused R to somewhat the star of the show last night Jo. So so drunk, haha.

    Understand Jayne, but that sort of talk never fazes me.

  7. Poor Nanda... MND is just awful.
    Work functions, I can't decide which ones I will go to and which not to....I will choose the ones I can take hubby to though. Can't talk shop at my ones, its all confdential, we just dance :)
    Funny about the str8 guys being KO'D, haha.

  8. I loathe work functions. I loathe them so much that I'm flying to London to avoid our christmas party, where I remain the youngest employee and my ex scowls at me over his bottle of beer.

  9. Hi Andrew

    More fun than I've ever had at a work Christmas party although there was one memorable experience in 1986 that I dimly recall.



  10. David Niven was the first I'd ever heard of MND and it is a terrible disease. The actor Richard Morgan (Terry in the Sullivans) died of it last year.

    At my spouse's work functions, I find a handbag to chum up with. There's always some bloke into criket; footy or rock music.

  11. Cazzie, yes some work places don't allow partners. Not thought this through so not sure if it is good or bad.

    Rosanna, I bet you make an extra effort to dress and make up when your ex is at the function.

    Don't tell me about your 1986 Pants. I can still blush.

    Yes, Richard Morgan Lad. I did not know David Niven also died of MND. You can choose your blog mates, but not necessarily match interests with them!!! :)