Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wong way the right way

I may very well be disappointed, as I usual am by politicians, but the signs are good, the stars are aligned, sheng fui feels right and I feel it in my waters.

Rice Boy made mention of her today, but I was going to anyway. I think our out lesbian Asian born Minister for Climate Change is going places. While it could be an offensive phrase to some, I really hope Penny Wong busts some balls and gets some stuffs done.

Sadly, men have been very disappointing leaders, right around the world and for a very long time. The women leaders, mostly of conservative parties, have been also. But I think given their head and real power, the world may well be a much better place if it was governed by women.

Aren't women kinder and nicer? Don't we want a kinder and nicer society and world?

If Penny has to lift her knee hard to get some climate change results, then I hope she doesn't hold back.

Of course no one is perfect. She is from Adelaide.


  1. I have to agree, I'm excited about Penny Wong's future. I hope she wins a seat in the lower house some day.

    Imagine a Gillard/Wong team. That to me would be real exciting. I'd also like to see politicians clean up their behaviour during question time. I think it is inappropriate of Members to behave like they are still in high school. Some example they are setting but yet they will be the first to open their mouths and speak out publicly and take the moral high ground.

    More women in cabinet please.

  2. "Aren't women kinder and nicer?"
    LMAO...short answer - no.
    Apparently women who have the balls to do the dirty work and get it done right, have to trade in being kind and nice,according to a certain male section.
    Let's hope Penny lifts that knee of hers high,there's a few that need a not so gentle nudge !

  3. men or women, there's only one kind of 'politicians'. :)


  4. Totally agree Firehorse, except I have not quite made up my mind on Gillard yet.

    That is how they have to be Jayne. If there were more women, it would be less so.

    In my experience Keshi, you are correct, but I live in hope.

  5. That Adelaide remark was a bit below the belt wasn't it? Maybe Penny needs one of those Hillary Clinton nut crackers that was on the front page of MX yesterday.

    Yes, the problem with government is that there is very little diversity in the type of people involved in making the big decisions. While the middle aged suits sure know how to work a bureaucracy (to their own advantage), we need a range of people more representative of the population sitting in Parliament.

  6. I feel there is a danger of people thinking I am nice Ben, hence the Adelaide.

    Never thought about that much, but parliaments really are very much of the one type of person. Are they necessarily the best people to make decisions on our behalf?

  7. "Aren't women kinder and nicer?"

    Margaret Thatcher???

  8. She is the one I had in mind when I was writing the post Altissima and why mainly conservative party women have set a bad example. Nice to hear from you :)