Thursday, December 20, 2007

U Turn

There is much that can be done to speed up Melbourne's trams but I can never work out a solution to severely congested shopping areas such as Sydney Road, Camberwell Junction, Chapel Street, Glenferrie Road in both Malvern and Hawthorn, Hawksburn, High Street Armadale, Commercial Road South Yarra and Prahran and increasingly Balaclava.

A newspaper reported that police had blitzed Glenhuntly Road in Elsternwick. Among the many offences detected, one prominent one was motorists flouting the no U turn rule.

It may be pie in the sky to wish that no U turn can be made across tram tracks at all, ever, but certainly banning U turns in all shopping areas would speed up both cars and trams.

Motorists are becoming increasingly forceful when attempting to make U turns. They quite happily attempt their U turn but then find out that they can't complete it and so it has to be a three point turn. They have no qualms about forcing cars, vans and even trams to stop while they finish their turn. It is starting to become the norm. You just make your turn and force everyone to stop. Of course it would be very rare for police to be in these areas and even if they are, they ignore such behaviour.

So, no U turns in shopping centres, and able to be enforced by both police and council bylaw officers.


  1. They are just arrogant people, full stop... making everyone wait while they do their illegal U turn. Just as bad as the people who stop trams going through that round about near my work in Nth Melb, grr.

  2. I see such 'ignorant' drivers everyday, everywhere...


  3. Anonymous12:49 pm

    With stupid drivers you have a bigger roadtoll. Perhaps people applying for a license could undergo an 'idiot' test.

  4. Not as bad as it used to be there Cazzie. There used to be so many tram/car accidents.

    We all do Keshi, but sad to say, I think Sydney drivers are superior.

    That would make for very quiet roads Reuben.

  5. Well I suggest that in areas such as you mentioned in your post, you have to get tough and ban on street parking and install platform/super stops for added security for the passengers, as well as having a police crack down on the area.

    The intersection of Toorak Road/Chapel Street is a prime example- passengers have to cross 3 lanes of heavy traffic to reach the tram and run the heavy risk of getting hit. If you reduce a lane, install a superstop, it would help ensure the passenger safety.

  6. That one is a shocker Rob. In two directions. Once you have two lanes of traffic beside a tram, tram passengers no longer exist for motorists.

  7. I agree Andrew but as a person who is a tram advocate, I have to also point it that its getting to a point that regardless of the amount of lanes of traffic, each time you board a tram or disembark, you take your life in your hands as the car drivers are impatient full stop.

    Thats why there is so many tram incidents- both the ones that ar e reported in the media and the ones you don't.