Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That shrill Deveny woman again

I bet she googles herself, in fact I think I heard her say she does so. At times I think she is deliberately provocative. I don't like and I never do that.

I always read her newspaper columns and mentioned one of them back here.

She was on the wireless for a couple of weeks and I enjoyed listening to this self described citizen of the the Peoples' Republic of Moreland.

Loud, forthright and colourful.

She is good at oral but just as good at written and this is an excellent opinion piece by her in The Age.


  1. I don't like her at all - a purely unfounded belief on my behalf following a school lecture I had to endure.

  2. Since reading blogs I've become very critical of professional writing. And I'd rate this woman's article in The Age as an average Year Seven essay.
    Married people get the urge to stray? Really? I'd never have known that! Maybe they go ga-ga over movie stars too, all their lives.
    There are things about men that women would be very disillusioned to know. For instance, someone should tell Mizz Deveny, poor dear, that women dolling themselves up may well be a 'primal urge to procreate', but the blokes are just chasing a root.

  3. You can just dislike someone Rosanna. It is allowed.

    RH, the point about how life expectancy is much longer had not occurred to me.

  4. For a life expectancy of thirty you'd have to go back to Barney and the Flintstones.

    (Nice name for a pop group. Catchy)

  5. r.h makes me laugh, @ blokes just chasing a root, lmao..I love it :)

  6. Good girl Cazzie. I'm laughing my arse off too. Soon I'll have nothing to sit on.