Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank someone it has finished

The 25th of December has passed and it was an enjoyable day for highriser. So hectic but at least we beat City Link while travelling this year by buying a day pass, and so it cost $11 instead of over $20 with the Etag. Only four stop start traffic jam points on our travels. I believe we have an extra day next year before christmas arrives again. That can't be a bad thing.

There will come the day when my mother is no longer with us on christmas day and it will be a very sad christmas day. But I think we will take the opportunity to review how we do christmas day. This hot stove slaving for someone on the day, and then chaotic serving of the meal and an often rushed giving out of gifts is not good. There must be a better way. I like the idea of a simpler meal, some kangaroos and some water wading like Cazzie's christmas.


  1. I spent Christmas Day alone and didn't mind one bit. Okay so I was sick but it's the way things will be from now on. Next year I'm booking into a lush hotel with room service and another virtual gift from you would be appreciated.

  2. Awwww Andrew, thanks for the mention (blushes).. it sure was a great way to celebrate the day.. they re so relaxed my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins, and we took two German Tourists up there with us and they had their first ever Summer Aussie Christmas...they couldn't have wished for more they said :)