Sunday, December 23, 2007

Social 2

This weekend our dyke friends held their annual christmas party. Well, their second at the same time of the year. We had a fabulous time. Dykes can be very talented and not just at driving bulldozers.

R received a panicked phone call a few hours before the event. Did we have an electric frypan? There was no way they could barbecue in the shocking weather. No, we don't but another friend did and R gave him a call. But then R suggested, they must have been a real state to not think of this, why not barbecue in your garage? And that was what happened.

Thirty of us were crowded inside mostly as it was too cold outside. The food was great and it was all so well organised.

We played a couple of games, the second one being pass the many time wrapped parcel around. The first game was one I have never heard of until last night, but R tells me they have played it at his work. You can do the searching although I am sure most of you know Pinata or Pinyata.

When we arrived at the party, I thought it was a little macabre to have Santa suspended my his neck by wire. This version was a suspended Santa Claus and the poor creature received a good whacking from a golf club by about fifteen people before his body fell away from his head. It was an absolute hoot. However, if you take pride in your dwelling's floor coverings, do not fill the Santa with sherbet bombs.

After I had a whack at it and then returned to my official photographer position, someone called out that there was a lolly poking out Santa's arse. I rushed back to claim my sweet.

Given there was no one under thirty there, playing children's games went down very well.

Oh, Bella did not really eat yours truly's foot and Dame M's boarder Jasmine made a late appearance.


  1. Shocking weather indeed. The party looked like it went off very well. I remember having a few BBQ's under cover for my birthdaqy around this time of the year over the years... can't kill a good time with cold weather really.
    I love the santa piniata..I am thinking of making one tomorrow with the kids..and now I just might!

  2. Jasmine has lovely hair.

  3. Looks like a grand time was had by all...even the small fluffy dog lol.

  4. 'Tis great fun Cazzie, especially for kids, young and quite middle aged.

    Secret Daisy Jo, but she uses bleach.

    Fluffy dog Jayne aka dropped food vacuum cleaner.

  5. Anonymous5:02 pm

    If you think hanging Santa by the neck is a bit macabre, what do you think about him being crucified on a cross? A friend of a friend saw such a thing in a Tokyo shop a few Christmases ago. Talk about getting the Christmas story muddled!!

  6. Yep, you told me the story Vik. It still breaks me up when I remember it. (Sorry for the brief chat, I was really just leaving for work. R filled me on your news later)

  7. Anonymous1:06 am

    I had a feeling I'd told you guys about it. I still have a good laugh when I remember the story too.
    It was good to chat, even if short. I understand you had to go to work. Gotta get onto skype so we can chat longer and for free!

  8. Cluttering up the computer with more programs. New stuff to learn. Bah humbug, but ok I will install when I have some decent time. R is on hols. Why can't he do it? Happy New Year Vik. No Yarra Bank for you this year.