Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ring Ring

Once upon a time I searched long and hard for a British telephone ring for my phone. It is also the old Australian ring, two rings and a pause, two rings and a pause. I eventually found it but it was a horrible tape recording of a British telephone ring. My phone rang one day when I was chatting to our ex building manager and she said, 'What the f*** is that'.

I ditched it and my phone ring is.........I can't recall. Sort of American ring. Just one long ring I think. People seldom ring me and if they do, even more seldom do I answer the call. I let it go to the message service.

I heard a ring on the tele tonight. I have heard it before. To use the correct musical terms, it is a downward key change from major/minor/seventh/major/minor/diminished. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing hey musical Rice Boy. The ring tone is quite good.

I heard another recently that quite impressed me.

We all know the basic Nokia ring. It has been around for ever so long. This phone went off and it sounded like a quality rendition of the Nokia ring tone, but then it went to some really dud notes. There was a music piece around it the eighties that I liked called Song out of Tune. That was what came from this phone almost. High marks to the out of tune Nokia ring for originality.

The worst ring tone I have ever had was 'I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world'. Someone should have shot me when my phone rang. But I recall setting up a quiz at my stepmothers when my nieces and nephew were there and that was one question. What is my ring tone? Nephew got it quickly. He is a worry at times.


  1. Haha, Barbie Girl..well, my girls would love that but I'd shoot my phone LOL
    I have recorded the Veronica's latest hit and that is my ring tone..and my SMS tone is my favourite John Butler Trio tune...I recorded that off ofmy CD player too. I don't like the pre recorded elevator music they have on the phones these days...annoying when you are in the cafeteria at work and a mobile rings and everyone goes for their pocket to grab their mobile..everyone who has the same ring tone :)

  2. My old Orange mobile used to play a cow moo-ing...somehow The Tribe thought it suited me very well LOL.

  3. As so many have Nokias Cazzie, it is amusing when one rings and so many go for their phone.

    Mis-spell their names in your will Jayne. That'll fix them.

  4. While I don't slip into the image too well, the VB music with Boonie telling me to answer my phone. No odd angry shots in my direction as yet.

  5. Heard about it Rob, but not actually heard it.