Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Residents' get together

Post effort 5/10

Last week one evening the residents of our apartment building met for a christmas drink and nibbles on the podium level. I became extremely unwell and left after an hour. But otherwise it was a successful evening. There was an over representation of older white people and an under representation of Asian residents. This was predicable but it was good that some came along at least.

There were two other gay residents in attendance, so that was good too. Two others that I know of did not attend.

Last year nothing was held because the get together the year before when the body corp paid for the food, and then one prick who has since left the building, complained.

This time people brought along food and it was all very good with plenty to eat.

Most hilarious person who attended was the woman who owns the opal tourist shops in the city. I assumed she was Jewish, because she behaves in such an old rich Jewish woman way, but she mentioned that she thinks she will go home to The Lebanon. I am a bit confused about her now, plus she drive a Mercedes and not a Volvo.

The body corp continues to try to build a sense of community. But it like pushing the proverbial uphill. But I think it is a lot more than what happens in most highrise apartment buildings.

Famous bearded media person, famous non bearded media person and yet to be famous young female Neighbours type actors did not attend, although I did find out that famous bearded media person is not agin socialising with fellow residents.


  1. I hope you are now well Andrew. What interesting neighbours you have.

  2. Anonymous11:16 am

    Interesting that the body corp is into community building. I thought that was a financial no-no.

  3. **plus she drive a Mercedes and not a Volvo.