Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Public transport fares up again in the New Year. It is always the same story. We are told it is an average of 2.1%. Now that would make a rise of seven cents for a $3.30 two hour zone 1 ticket. Ok, round it up to ten cents and you have $3.40, but no, it will be $3.50. Happens every time.

Electricity increase up to 17.6%. The price of water is going up a lot. Gas, rising up to 7.5%. Ok, I do see the connection between drought and electric and water price increases, but gas? Since when does gas production depend heavily on water?

Meat, vegetable and bread and egg prices are rising fast, due to the drought we are told. My vague memory of economics from school recalls something about supply and demand. So that makes sense. There is a shortage of water to grow primary produce and so a shortage of the produce, so the price rises.

Farmer Dave must be rubbing his hands together. Although he doesn't have the quantity to sell, he is getting a high price for his produce. Nope, Farmer Dave is getting low prices, very low prices. I wonder who is making all the money then? You whistle and I will point.

Excuse me while I call my stockbroker and buy some Coles and Woolworths shares.


  1. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Oh Andrew tis so true!

    I really wish that the increase in the price of electricity etc was due to a serious change over to clean, green fuel. I wouldn't mind so much then.

    I am trying really hard not to buy vegies and fruit from the supermarkets. Unfortunately convenience sometimes wins. I would rather buy direct from farmers.


  2. Dammit, I never should have quit working at Safeway. I would have been a trainee manager by now, with stock options!

  3. Pollies might be surprised LiD, how much we would be prepared to pay for clean power if it was presented as a grand plan.

    God Non Blondie. You didn't work in Balaclava Safeway? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  4. I just love the way that PT is the only good/service where people demand that any increase in price is met with an equal rise in trains/trams/better service, etc. If my gas goes up 5%, I don't run screaming to the gas company that my gas should be 5% better!

  5. I am all for green power. I saw a map today of 'solar hot spots' - and Australia was almost all red. Sweden was almost all yellow (one of the lowest readings) but they use nearly 70% renewable energy anyway.

    Why is it that we can't get our act together?

  6. Rob Kemp, sorry to disagree with you - but I do. Public Transport hikes up every year, yet the service is actually worse. Almost dismal. Services are delayed / cancelled / not even run (without announcement, as happened to me today). When they do run (throughout peak-hour), they are over-crowded, slow and inefficient.

    I know that's not the case across the board but connex is doing such an appalling job here now, leading up to the Christmas period, that it's no wonder people voice their concerns re: the price increase.

    And they might be getting rid of the much loved Sunday Saver / sob.

  7. Quite true Rob, but I get annoyed that R has to pay soon to be $3.50 for a few stops and if he goes over the time, a daily, for twenty minutes of travel.

    We are a disgrace Rosanna. Blame the old government and hope things will change with the new one.

  8. Hmmm, trains and trams are a bit different in service levels. Trams aren't as bad as the trains.

    I hadn't heard about the demise of the Sunday ticket. About the only thing that is really good value for money.

  9. If R is only travelling a few stops then maybe he could try walking.

  10. Twenty five minute walk. He usually walks one way and catches tram or bus home, loaded with shopping.

  11. Trains in London, so I'm reliably told, run every 1 min. I'm able to cook a roast dinner AND dessert waiting between Connex trains...

    Check out Aussie Farmers Direct http://www.aussiefarmers.com.au/
    They home deliver Aussie-owned and grown milk,bread,cheese,butter,fruit juice,fruit and vegies.
    The fruit and vegie supply IS there,growers are currently ploughing their produce back into the ground due to the 2 big supermarkets rejecting any slightly imperfect goods and the export market has been decimated with the trade agreements Bushy Brows made with other countries.
    Not Quite Right store in Lilydale is selling the rejected fruit/vegies for a fraction of supermarket prices.

  12. Probably not my think Jayne, but Aussie Farmers sounds quite impressive. Inspired a post anyway.

    I have heard of these Not Quite Right stores. Pity there is not a local one, but we have our own version kind of.

  13. I think the Sunday Saver is staying. What they are doing is introducing a new weekend ticket that works like a 5xDaily, but it's valid on Saturday as well as Sunday. The price works out the same cost per day of use as the Sunday Saver. It starts in April I think.

    It's about time they had reduced fares on weekends.

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  15. R is always forgetting to buy a enough Sunday tickets in advance, 10 X will be very useful, especially if it can be used Saturday too.

  16. RH, you are so easily bought for the price of some juicy roasted lamb.