Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Number Plates

In our work carpark there are some odd number plates.

I think this one is quite clever AIMN4U, although I think it may very well attract the unwanted attention of the constabulary.

This one is typical of sad ass losers who can only get second best. If you can't get the proper one, don't bother. You are only embarrassing yourself.

GIB5ON The 5 actually looks a bit more like an S on the plate, but not close enough. And yes, their name is Gibson.

I see quite a few of these loser plates on the road, but I always forget them.


  1. The quality of plates had rapidly gone downhill since the whole alpha-numeric thing began. It's just gone to 5H1T.

  2. Reminds me of the old trick with a calculator where you enter "5318008" and then turn it upside down. It also works with "71077345".

    I do like the euro-style V number plates though. Regular number plates had to skip from U to W because of this. You've probably already noticed this though...

  3. Not seen those number, lol at the first one.

    I had noticed Ben, but had no idea why. Thanks.