Sunday, December 02, 2007

A new leaf

I have decided something.

I have tried to do it in the past but gave up. All my emails will now have a greeting and end with my name. The only exceptions will be when an email becomes an immediate reply and is almost like a conversation.

Harder, but I will try, sms will also be like the above.

Not much easier, but with comments on others blogs, if I don't know them well via mutual blogging, I will also write salutations.

And the hardest, if you don't know me well personally or by email or via an ongoing mutual blog connection, and you write abrupt comments, I will ignore you. If I feel offended by your comment, I will not respond. It gives you wide reign as I have never been offended by comments by Andy, RH, Copperwitch, Steph, Jo or Lord Sedgwick and they can be thorough bitches. The difference is I know them well.

We could all do well to take a leaf from this chickie babe's blog and the way she deals with comments.


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  2. Thanks for this post Andrew,

    I am still a newbie when it comes to blog etiquette so reading this is very useful. It is really an interesting communication form especially the comments which hang on how well everything can be conveyed by words alone. I hope that I haven't offended you. If I ever have I am sorry. That wouldn't have been the intention.

    Living is Detail

  3. Now RH, you have lumped me with Copperwitch as we have never banned or deleted you.

    Never LiD. Perfectly polite always. It is a weird form of communication I reckon, and ever interesting. The longer I know people, the harder it is for me to be offended. You do have to have a bit of thick skin at times, or just be thick. I think I am the latter.

  4. Thanks Andrew,

    I'm glad about that! I am learning bit by bit.

    Ha, are so not thick but hey, if being thick helps in blogging I should find my way OK.

  5. And what's wrong with being lumped with copperwitch who has all the right lumps to be lumped with and it's not my fault the lumps aren't the lumps you like to be lumped with. What was the post?

  6. RH's comment, first one.