Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Day

As a heathen, I don't celebrate christmas, but I do join in. Have a great christmas day everyone and I'll give a thought to those who are alone and would prefer not to be. Much as I moan about christmas, it is a special family time and I am very fortunate.

The cake is made. It was only when uploading this picture that I noticed that the cake fringe was upside down. For goodness sake Andrew, put your glasses on. Plenty of brandy went in and a layer of marzipan topped with white icing. The decs are kitsch and not wonderfully placed. I should leave the arty stuff to R.We have done a bit more with lighting our balcony this year. Next year will be even better. Sorry about the dodgy pics. I haven't mastered night time photography yet and it is not in the spirit of the day for you to say I haven't mastered daytime either.

Our building's christmas tree. Let us hope no drunk interferes with it at five in the morning like they did last year. He was caught on camera and profusely apologized.
The tree effort for our place is somewhat more modest. Every year R threatens to chuck the tree away as it is so old. Oh dear, I hope they are not porn mags on the shelf under the tree. Perhaps best to not click on this pic and enlarge it.


  1. Happy Yuletide Andrew and R.
    The cake looks yummy and everything looks lovely.
    The female offspring says your Chrissy tree looks cute.

  2. Good for you Andrew, it looks great the cake, now, did it TASTE good? that is the question? :)
    Little Jo, did she have a great day? Was she a good little lady? I hope so :)

  3. Haven't cracked the cake yet Cazzie but I could tell it would be fine. Little Jo did have a good time. She even managed to rip some paper off a present. Exhausting day though, but good of course.

  4. I hope Jo enjoyed her first christmas - I'm glad she was able to rip the wrapping off a few gifts. All part of the spirit really. If only others were as easy to please.

  5. Course everyone made such a fuss of her Rosanna. She had a fine old time.

  6. How cute that Little Jo opened a gift, so long as she didn't eat the paper :)